Sunday, December 26, 2010

just a quickie

happy Christmas to you all for yesterday!!

Just before I go to bed, I am very pleased to inform you all that the froglet successfully donated her first bag of blood on Friday. she was very brave and didn't do anything horrid like pass out :) there was another young lady who had given her blood and then had to lie down for some time as she was a horrid green colour. The froglet devoured 2 strawberry big M's and biscuits and cheese afterwards. I asked her how she was feeling and she said kinda funny.... great I thought she is going to pass out, but no she was on a high cause she had done something wonderful that will help maybe several people.

Christmas was great, I received my own tom tom as the fisherman thought I needed one rather than stealing his all the time ehehehhe. the girls got wii games, DVDs and other bits and pieces.

today I bought a wii fit.... how much fun is that?!!!! off to do some myself as the girls have finally finished!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

time to give blood!!

Tomorrow is the day! the froglet is going to donate her corpuscles at 3pm... cross your fingers for her that she doesn't freak out :)

tonight we strolled over to the shops and picked up her first pair of high heels, and I mean high! 4inch stilettos... gorgeous... she is now gloating that she is taller than me.

shall post again tomorrow after the donation. wish her luck

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

blood donating

Not much time to blog tonight but will ask you all to go and look at curlypops blog as she talks about how important donating blood is, specially at this time of year.

Please don't put this off and say "I don't have time", make time!! I must tell you all that I am unable to donate blood due to being in the UK durning the late 80s, early 90s so they think I have mad cows disease.

I was a regular donor as I have O neg blood and I find this soooo frustrating as it was important to me to be able to do this and know that I was helping someone who needed my blood!

I am taking the froglet as she expressed to me earlier in the year that she would like to become a donor when she turned 16. So we are off to the blood bank in the coming week to do her first donation! She too is a O neg so hopefully she will be able to donate!

So don't come up with flimsy excuses, just do it!

Friday, December 10, 2010

quilt sells for $70,000

if you go to the above link you will read about a lady who sold her quilt for $70k this year in Melbourne!!!

I had read about this a little while ago and then when I just logged into the Internet it came up on the news. Lucky woman!! of course she deserves the money as we all know how much time and effort go into making a quilt.

I have been slack in blogging recently but I promise to do a nice fat blog soon about all the goings on, 16Th birthdays, U2 concert, sausage sizzles (70kg of snags!) fun night at the pool with inflatables and pizzas, end of year Irish dance concerts, end of year swim club events.... oh me oh my the list goes on!

Then there are the book lists for next year! I need to get a second mortgage on them not to mention electives (and this is a public school) Also will need new uniforms for growing girls and shoes *sigh*

the jumper alone costs $81 Book lists had to be in 2 days ago and the noisy one hadn't even brought her books home yet, so I didn't even know what she had and if I could sell them (need to investigate that) I have ended up buying some folders which I know we don't need grrrrr. I guess I could set up a stand and sell them outside the school!