Saturday, May 16, 2015

new family member

 meet Wasabi.  My new bike..... I took her out for her maiden voyage for a sweet 71km trip to one of my local hills.  I am very happy with my new baby.
 Cookie gave Wasabi the once over and declared her to be OK.
 It was mothers day the other week and the froglet had found this epic gift for me.... how perfect is this gift?!!
 Equally perfect was the beautiful flowers that the noisy one got for me.  I felt very special.
 I'm currently binding a quilt for a cousins baby.... nearly done!
 And I finally finished my besties birthday present.  She loves camels so this stitchery that I found some time ago was perfect and the fabric I purchased at the quilt show with bikes on it helped turn it into a lovely cushion.