Saturday, May 22, 2010

When I woke up this morning I was greeted by this little feller waving his fin at me in the fridge.
The fisherman had a good night of fishing and caught a salmon, who turned into bait. The bait caught a shark of some sort, a skate and then this salmon. The first two headed back to sea but this little treasure came home to terrorise my fridge.
If you look at the picture (but not too closely lol) you will see the egg carton that my friend gave me with a dozen yummy eggs from her 3 chooks, sooty, sweep and sue.

I'm now on day 4 of 6 for work and then I have one day off and work another 2 days. The other girl that did my job on the days I don't work finished on Tuesday. Unfortunately there is no one else and I cant work more than 6 in a row so for the next month or more until they advertise and employ and then I train them up I'm 'the one'.

We did have a great night out for her leaving run, one of the boys and I got stuck into the black sambuca.... yum! I surprised myself and my work colleagues when I turned up to work on Friday morning bright eyed and bushy tailed. I used to drink like a fish but not anymore, so I did expect to feel a little fuzzy.

I also received my 2nd fruit and vegie box.... more nice apples, bananas, mandarins and onions plus the bag of carrots (need to eat more of them suckers!) This weeks special was an enormous bunch of silverbeet (gag) the chooks enjoyed a large portion of this and the rest I will give to my mum as she loves it. Persimons, kiwis, tassie potatoes and a box of cherry tomatoes.
I cooked up some apples that were going abit squishy, nothing like fresh stewed apples :)

Im now working on my last block for the quilters journey (I think I might have mentioned this before). I am hand piecing the final block and hope to trace the embroidery in the next week or two.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

busy weekends

Last night we had the swim clubs presentation night and A.G.M. The hardest thing was getting one of the parents to put up their hand and become the president. I am now the secretary of the club and we have some great people on board to help run a club that is all about helping our kids achieve their swimming dreams.

The noisy one did very well in the club championships and came 1st in 3 events, 2nd in 2 events and one 3rd place.

The froglet had ramped up her act this part year and her coach saw this in her efforts each week and her times showed her improvements weekly. She received a coveted coaches award and also came 1st in her age group in the club championships. She was rather stoked, I of course and rather proud :)

The froglet decided we needed to make some more pies and while we were making them a sorting hat appeared from a blob of dough....

From a frying pan of mince and shrooms appeared some more pies which didn't last long again.

nom nom nom

This is the box of fruit and veg I had delivered to my door last Wednesday night, my friend is working for this company that does these boxes, so I thought I would give them a try and see if it helped save me money, time and gave me quality fruit and veg (and helped her out of course!). I am so far impressed with the quality of the goods, its making me eat my fruit more as I know I am going to get more this week and my fruit bowl is bursting at the seams so its got to be good for me!

I'm now about to start my final block of the month for the quilters journey by Leanne's house. Will need to find a new hand piecing project... might just get my Dear Jane out!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Yesterday I was at Aldi and I spied this pie maker for only $14.99 I have admired these things for many years and refused to pay $60 or so for one of the name brand ones. So when I saw this little sucker, I decided to indulge myself.

now the ones at the front look a little odd as I had rolled out the pastry and it puffed up abit..... was yum though!

I bought some mince and some mushrooms and made beef and mushroom pies, I thought I would be able to freeze some... HA! they all disappeared (this is a good thing of course!) I ran out of meat mixture and decided to make a few sweet pies with the remaining pastry. I used some of those fruit puree things that the kids used to eat by the truck load and of course they wont touch them now! sprinkled some sugar on top and BINGO!!

the froglet wants to try making quiche! mmmmm got some bacon left over from mothers day breakfast....

Monday, May 10, 2010

post mothers day photos

here is the lovely vase that the noisy one made me in material tech, I'm still smiling each time I look at it

Here is mums new quilt hanging on her fence outside her unit.

Anita from Hillside quilting did another wonderful job and finished it for me in perfect time!

Mum called me today to let me know that all her cronie mates had admired her new quilt and its now on her bed ready for tonight.

Planning on a big bike ride on Thursday... cross fingers that the rain gods don't come along

Sunday, May 9, 2010

mothers day

Today was mothers day down under. Now my past mothers days have left me feeling a little less than special, but today I was suitable impressed.

The fisherman crept out early and bought some bacon (couldn't find it in the fridge) some bread... I hadn't bought any due to feeling extremely ill with a cold that my boss kindly shared with me and some flowers.

I was woken by a very bright light (could have been a bit more subtle lol) and a loaded tray with a cup of tea, toast,bacon and 2 poached eggs (my fav) and the most special thing was a yellow rose in a vase that the noisy one made for me in material tech class. I was delighted! first handmade gift since kinder!! (thank you material tech teacher!!)

The froglet eventually did the dishes and cleaned up the mess that the fisherman and the noisy one made.

Then the girls and I went to my mums and gave her the quilt I made for her, which she was delighted with.

Home to have take away Japanese dinner so no cooking, cleaning or dishes for me today!!!

photos tomorrow as I can be bothered getting up and getting the camera!

Happy mothers day to everyone who has children, furry or otherwise :)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

this yummy little cake was devoured by one of my gym junkies children when we went out for lunch recently, she made up for the rest of us hehehe.

My boss very kindly gave me her cold, not happy Jan! but I got up, took my drugs and went to the gym and beat up my partner as best I could in knock out class this morning. Part way through class I thought I was going to die, then I got some energy from unknown parts and managed to finish the class, feeling a little less than good now BUT I am going to be really nice and share my cold with my quilting buddies as my mums quilt is ready for pick up tonight.

I was wondering to myself what to give my mum for mothers day and now my dilemma is all sorted!! just got to pull my finger out and get that binding on before Sunday.... piece of cake really as I know i can do it, just need to do it and not sit on this thing lol.

The new bike is great, but the weather isn't being very kind to me so riding is minimal at the moment, also trying to get my gym friends to come for a ride with me, there is a track we want to do which I am led to believe is about 40km which is what we need to do for our round the bay later in the year.

Hope everyone who is going to the show this weekend doesn't enjoy themselves at all... no just joking, I'm just jealous... I really hope you all have a wonderful time and spend loads of money and find some nice stuff for me heheheheh (not joking about that one lol).