Thursday, April 29, 2010

my new bike!!!

Here comes the bootcamper in me :)

OHHHHHH so shiny and newwwwwwwwwww.

As it says its a GIANT cypress, the ideal ladies bike.... wait till you see my gnarly seat!!

It comes with its own ventilation system... hope I don't get high winds LOL.

Shimano gears... the fisherman would rather the shimano fishing reels!

a shiny water bottle cage perches at the front of the bike for quick access for re hydration
An odometer all ready to clock up the mega kms!

Paul and Nicola are the people to see if you want a new bike or even if you already have a bike they can service your bike, set you up with all the gear AND they make coffee!!
Thanks guys for my new wheels!
They are called bike n bean and are to be found on 5/795 Plenty Rd, South Morang VIC 3752 (03) 9437 8501‎ They are right near Spotlight!!! I know all my crafty friends will now know exactly where they are!

I have a bell that goes BING! mind you I don't think this bell or really anything smaller than a fog horn would stop someone in a car who was cutting me off!

There she is in all her beauty :).... gunna ride her in the morning down to the gym and do an RPM class (yes I know ride to a riding class!) better not rain!!! Gosh might even give her a name... any suggestions??

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I think most people don't enjoy going to the dentist. As a child I didn't have any fillings so unlike I think the majority of children I didn't really fear the dentists chair, until the last few years......

I got my first filling. Then the second one a few years later. I get a big build up of calculus on the back of my bottom teeth and need to get it removed with that nasty sounding drill thingy.

So about a year and half ago the dentist and I decided it would be better if I came in 6monthly to have the cleaning done, this has been much less painful for me and my gums are much happier. Then a few weeks ago a chunk of tooth just fell off the back of said bottom teeth.. arrrgggghhhhhh

I had to wait for 2 weeks for an appointment, until tonight! I got a call about 5pm to come in at 6pm for a cancellation spot.... I was in!!!

So now my teeth are clean, my tooth has a new filling of sorts to fill in that odd chipped bit and my bank account is missing $210 ouch! I think that hurt the most of all.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

bike riding

The weather has turned back to summer!! Today I went for a bike ride with the froglet, who took me up the hill just near our house. I have admired this hill for years and finally went up it today. OH MY GOODNESS! Last year I did a boot camp and they were going to make us run up and down this hill, gosh am I glad they didn't!

The view of the Northern suburbs though was worth the sweat. Sorry to say I didn't bring my camera, but next time I will (yes there will be a next time). My odometer on my bike wasn't working but I would hazard a guess that we rode about 18kms

School is back (yahhhh) and we are all getting back into routine. Guild meeting was yesterday and I took my much loved bread knife to be sharpened as we had the man in to sharpen our blades of choice. Also had a lady in to sell fair trade stuff. She spoke to us about the fair trade and explained who and how it helped, its good to know that instead of a large company gaining from my purchase that a family might be buying a cow for milk.

I just sat down and finished the binding on my nieces quilt, instead of turning on the laptop and being lured by my blogs I love to read and the dreaded face book that wastes hours of I should be sewing time!! But now its done and so is this post so now I can go and play farmville, or treasure Island or what ever it is I have been suckered into!! The hedgehog?? I just liked him!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

book shop heaven

school was back today yippeeee. I think the look on this owls face summed up some of the children's thoughts lol.

my mum went to Tasmania recently and she brought me back this little treasure!

I have hidden it as my family all love Turkish delight. The noisy one has been trying to find it and has unearthed some blocks of galaxy chocolate that I hid around Christmas time that were sent to us from the UK. I also have several cream eggs in another hidey hole. If I don't hide it, they will devour it in no time, and I will eat it just so I don't miss out!

Mum also bought this gorgeous hat (felted) and a silk scarf to match... the colour is more turquoise than the photo shows. I have a scarf that she gave me last year that matches the hat beautifully and the way the weather has turned today I will be using both of them!!

I was browsing in a book shop today and found 4 delightful crafty books that I was sorely tempted to buy. Then as I browsed my blogs I like to read several were mentioned. (I'm hearing music from the twilight zone!) One was Mike and me and the other was material obsession books. The other book I started to drool over wasn't a crafty one as such, more of a coffee table book of design ideas. The book had all the qualities I love in a book... it had that smell... you know the paper/printing smell, the paper itself was thick and matt. The photos were like the random ones we love to take and put in our blogs. I also love newsagents... the big ones with lots and lots of stationary supplies.... enough of this!

Who else loves books and stationary? I know you do! go on... admit it, you will feel better :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

mooching around

Not much happening here on the home front. My bicycle has a flat tire which has impressed me no end. My foot keeps on getting sore after doing a Danzika class which isn't impressing me either. Did a couple of RPM classes so that's better than a hole in your head.

On the crafty note, I am still plodding along with the binding for my nieces quilt and have my mums new quilt top ready to go to the quilters.

I have one of those weird headaches today, the room keeps spinning when I move my head too much (bit like when you have been drinking and the room spins) but I havent even had a baileys so am suffering without the pleasure!

Have done all those housewifely chores and am now sitting with the girls listening to channel V. Some of these video clips are really really strange and then there is lady gaga.... hmmmmm

Holidays are nearly over again... The froglet just had a text message from school to let her know that the international environmental conference isn't going to be in Queensland as first thought, its now going to be in Japan!! So she will apply and see if she is accepted to go on an all expenses paid trip to Japan.... I am sooo jealous, that is one country I really want to go to. Now she is stressing as she thinks there is a camp on at the same time with her VCE subject... time to relax, she has to be accepted first!! how exciting though!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter time

The Easter bunny has come to our house this year.... and had his little head caved in and his ears are no more, at least he cant hear us when we descend upon him to devour the rest of his body (moohawhawhawhaw...evil laugh!)

I have managed to start and finish another one of my UFO's this one is for my mum who has quite a lot of quilts and things that I have made for her over the years, but felt it was time for a new quilt to brighten up her room.

This morning I had to take my friend to the airport to go up to Queensland for a little holiday, I take care of his car which I get to drive around if I desire... the girls love his car, its a Audi and can go from 1 to 80 in about 3 seconds... don't ask me how I know this :) The worst part about this was that I had to get up at 4.30am, and being Easter Sunday there was nothing open at 5am so I came home and went back to bed for a few hours.

I managed to get up and go down to the market and pick up 4 books, 2 of the Diane Gabalon series and another 2 that my book lady recommended to me as a lighter read than the others.

I was inspired by the baby bats photos and took a few of my own around the back yard.

I took the girls to the park the other day with some other friends and their kids and was surprised to see how well the noisy one can kick a footy!

the froglet whooped for joy as there was swings there, and although she is now 15 I am glad to see she still can have fun (takes after me!! I'm still a big kid). I was laying back on the picnic rug and saw above me in the tree a Tawney Frog mouth... his head is tucked back so he looks a bit headless!

Hope you are all having a lovely long weekend and are making the most of being able to eat loads of chocolate.