Sunday, March 30, 2014

camera failing now

Sorry about the photo in my last post...  I have no idea what happened.

Told you i have a weird laptop.

No cycling this weekend, I went horse riding instead with the noisy one for her 16th birthday.  Had a great ride but I did miss riding my beastie.

 Until I get a new SD card for the camera I am now without photos.... here is one of cookie.... he is a beautiful cat as i have said before but boy does his fur get everywhere!!
Milly sat nice and still for a microsecond and I was able to capture a photo of her.... the black and white chicken fabric is the back of my country sampler that I have been hand quilting for several years.... I think I should try to get it finished this winter!

How many UFO's do you have?!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

computer woes and bragging rights

So i get this new computer, it seems great at first but now its giving me problems.  I open websites and it tells me that they cant be opened, or the Internet isn't connected... poppycock.

then the photos!  I get a little icon that looks like a little green hill with blue sky and a corner cut off.  sometimes I can click on them and they open, sometimes they don't.

Its running windows 8 so its all different and no one else in the house knows anything about this system.  

I spent good money on a new laptop and now I am having different issues to what I was having on the old laptop.  Anyone with any ideas?  who should I see or should I contact the Asus helpline?

On a good note though I rode from Mansfield to the top of Mt Buller on Saturday morning.  The climb itself took me 1hr 50min.  I was very pleased with my time as I had hoped to get under 2 hours.  The descent only took me 30mins.  This is a 15km continuous climb with the last 3km being rather nasty.

Then the icing on the cake.... it wasn't a race but there was placings for the top women and men in various categories,  I came under the over 45 women and I placed 10th!!!!  so my name was up there in lights for all to see. Think I earned a few bragging rights.

New quilt to be made.  My friend Donna is turning 50 in May so I decided to make her a quilt, thinking of going with the design I used for the boyfriends quilt, in purples with some butterfly fabrics... need to pull out some boxes and see what I need to go shopping for!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Random stuff

 This was the tattoo' I gave the noisy one a few weekends ago when she had a birthday party to attend which was dress as your favourite  character, so she chose Abbie from NCIS. She studied her character and through the technology of google we got great pictures of her tattoos which I was able to reproduce onto her flesh using a good old sharpie.
 The cats decided to sit on the ironing board while I was sewing the other day, Lil has the evil glowing eyes and Cookie looks a little startled for some reason.
 I have now made 3 cushions, only 2 pictured here.... the froglet has stolen the camera for the weekend as she is celebrating her first anniversary with her boyfriend.. solider boy.
 We had a bit of a heat wave here a few weeks ago and I decided that enough was enough we needed a pool.  There was of course none left that I really wanted so it was this or nothing...  I took it :)
 The girls thought it was hilarious, but soon realised how great it was to lie in, they then jumped on board with decorating the pool area with a pool side bar, DJ, a lifeguard (a drawn stick figure!) and slide.
 The fisherman thought it was a hoot when he came home from work and found us lounging in the new pool.
 I received for Christmas a lovely diary in a cover that was made by one of the girls from the gym, she has a business making bags and bits and pieces.  Her bags are mostly baby tote bags, beautiful bags!
And for those who think I am super healthy with all my riding, swimming, running and gym workouts.... this is what I eat when i ride!  or something like this.  I'm off to ride up to Kinglake in the morning.  I have 3 weeks to go until I ride up Mt Buller.... I'm getting a little excited.  The new laptop/notebook is going well, I now have my photos on my external hard drive and Im starting to get the hang of windows 8.  Im sure there is loads more for me to learn... who else is a bit of a technophobe?

Saturday, March 1, 2014

why did I wait so long?

exciting news.... I got a new laptop.

well its actually a notebook according to the box.  Its an Asus, and I'm quite pleased with it so far.

Its windows 8 so there is a challenge :)  but seeing that my old laptop takes over 10 mins to turn on and connect to the Internet and at least that to shut down... plus it used to tell me scripts where running and it would just freeze up for no reason for hours.

In the last couple of hours I have turned this on, started it up etc and been surfing the net i realise how much I had been putting up with... its SOOO fast!!

saved all my photos onto my external hard drive, my music etc so stay tuned for my next post.

hoping for good weather in the morning to go for a ride into the local hills. got Mt Buller in 3 weeks!!

why did I wait so long to get a new laptop?  money of course lol..... and I got an incredible deal... the froglet also bought herself a new smaller notebook to take to uni.. shes going to pick hers up tomorrow.  wonder if windows 8 will disturb her lol