Monday, October 25, 2010

beautiful weather

Its sunny at last!! today I sat outside having a coffee or two with friends in the filtered sunshine.... sooooo nice

Then this afternoon I came home and planted my last tomato into a bigger pot, so now I have a yellow a black and little cherry toms in pots. Then tragedy struck and the seeds I had sewn into their little greenhouse thingy all got spilt all over the grass, arrrgghhhh

I scraped it up as best I could but I think I might have some little flowers in my lawn..... think I will keep that a secret from the fisherman lol.

Speaking of fish, I have some very nice flake in my fridge for dinner tonight that he caught on Friday night.

No photos, sorry.... getting a bit slack with that so must go and take some pics now that the weather is improving.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

can I do it again??!!

Oh my goodness, what an amazing day.
I cant believe that the big day has come and gone.

My team and I conquered the westgate bridge twice in a day. Now it said 50km BUT they lied!!!! This is my friend and I at the start, Im wearing the red top!

We did 55km and it took Georgina and I 3hr 10min riding time. We also rode back to the car from Alexandria gardens so did a total of 60km riding.
The day started out with a promise of showers and 16 degrees. We did have a few little showers but nothing to write home about, and the temp in someways was pretty good as we did get very hot riding up the bridge.

There were bikes everywhere and people stretching in strange positions where ever they could find a plot of grass that wasnt muddy.
We are now plotting our next riding experience and are hoping to do the 80km next year, but with luck we might find another ride between these.
Essentials for the day... coffee! we are team coffee after all!

My trusty steed did me proud and she rode like a dream. My big fat seat saved my bum from getting extreme soreness... Im feeling the effects of the ride but havent stiffened up to the point of not being able to walk.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

less than 24 hours!

I can hardly believe it, the day is almost here! Round the bay in a day here I come whooo hoooo.

today my friend and her family went into Alexandra gardens and picked up the teams rider packs. they have found where to drop us off, and park the car. I picked up my rider pack at her house and dropped off my bike. Our other team member also dropped in with his bike and we had a coffee and discussed strategies.

oh my gawd I'm soooo excited.

the weather in the last 24 hours has been foul, rain, hail and snow in some areas. I don't know if I am going to be warm enough but I don't have much choice now so will have to go with what I have.

no photos again tonight, but I plan on taking photos tomorrow and will post action pictures of the days events.

wish us luck!!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

4 days and counting

yes folks only 4 days till I go round the bay... well part of it anyway lol.

I have managed to get in the last week 3 pump classes, 3 rpm classes, one boxing class, one step combo class, tomorrow will be another boxing class, do you think I have done enough to be ready for my ride???

I took my friend with me to RPM last night, she gave me evil looks throughout the class and told me she hated the class and probably me too, but today she loves me again and isn't too sore so I might get her back again!

My friend Claire has been very busy lately and is featured in her first magazine article in this months issue of Homespun. She also has created her first softie using Mellys beautiful new range of fabrics

She brought him into our sewing group the other night, but he had lost an eye and some teeth and we all thought he was very cute being a one eyed monster.... we were thinking of names for him but I don't think Maddie the monster is going to stick!!

I can also brag here that I have another very talented friend, Anita who recently quilted a stunning quilt for Melly, she quilted my daughters quilt and our camping quilt, which I think I have posted about in much early posts.

While I am spreading the word about my very talented friends I should also mention Jennifer who made herself the bestest nappy bag ever!! She got some of Rosalie Quinlands plastic coated fabrics and came up with a cracker of a design. We were out fabric shopping a few weeks ago and several ladies commented on her bag... she should make up the pattern as I know there are many bag ladies out there! I personally love Bruce posing, versace eat your heart out!!

One of the things I love about my blog is my blogroll. I can read all about other peoples lives, some of these ladies I know and some I have gotten to know through reading their blogs. I have met a few of these very talented ladies (and their partners) selling their beautiful crafts and creations at markets. I hope to meet some more of you in the not too distant future.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

quilting class

One week until I do my first ever round the bay in a day.

I have always wanted to do a fun run or some sort of large physical event and finally my time has come!

My friends and I have done the training and we hope that we can last the bridge climb!

Now a few weeks ago I did a class with my guild and we were lucky enough to have the very talented Kellie Wulfsohn of dont look now I think we impressed Kellie with our skills as we did a 2 day course in one day.

How excited was I when I found that the materials that I painstakingly chose were the same as ones Kellie had used!

I have finished quilting my cushion top and now need to find the time to turn it into a cushion!!
I promised Kellie I wouldn't put a photo of her on my blog, so I hope her hands quilting aren't in breach of my promise heheheh.

I took many photos of her wonderful quilts and have found them to be excellent in helping me remember how to do her swirly quilting design, mind you I looked after I had finished my top and I had in fact done it incorrectly, but no one will know apart from everyone who reads my blog!
I bought my fabrics when I went on retreat a few months ago and was really pleased when I finally found a fabric that seemed to fit the criteria, once I had the first piece it was easy to find a few more to complement my selection. Kellie had suggested a striped fabric for the binding of the cushion and I found one that suited the job... more excitement!