Friday, May 24, 2013

How do I get sucked into these things?!

oh my lordy me.... what have I done this time!!

I have signed up with the group I ride with to do the whittlesea challenge next Sunday morning.... all 110km.

The distance isn't the issue here. Its the hills.... the big huge climb up the yea road right at the start... a nice 8% climb for 1.32km then it drops to a 5.4% for 2.4km then we reach the top and get a breather with a nice long downhill stretch for 4km 

It will be a pretty ride through Hazeldene and then Flowerdale until we reach Strathcreek for an 8.4% for 4km  this I have been told is like a spiral up to hell.  I have done last year Arthur's Seat climb which I just checked out and find its an 8% climb for 3km  so I have been very close to this already... I wish I hadn't checked that cause I just remembered how hard it got.... gulp. OMG I just saw tucked in the profile a 10% climb at the end.... end my life now......

There is a steady climb up towards Broadford with a few little peaks (after the earlier ones these are nothing!) and down into Whittlesea.

Tomorrow morning is a training ride up Humevale which is only a 3% gradient but its 7km long.

On a sewing note, I am doing some bullion grub roses on little singlets for the girls BBJ coach who had a little girl a few weeks ago to go with a lovely little crochet hat that a friend made for me to give to her.
Its the one at the front!  the ears have pipe cleaners in them so you can bend them... cant wait to see it on her!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Isnt today about me?

Today my friends from the gym and I didn't lie in bed and get pampered for mothers day.  No we joined 40,000 other mums and their families to help raise money for Breast Cancer.  We have a friend at the gym who is currently undergoing treatment and her wonderful daughter in law set up Team Lynne.
 My partner in crime decided that we would run the 4km first together as Lynne was a runner when she was well.  This was our special tribute to her.  It was a very emotional event as you can imagine.
 We ran at 8.15am then met all our friends for 9.30am for the 4km walk.  In the time between us reaching the start line and returning the crowd had tripled but the atmosphere was great.  All the kids that joined us mums in our group paired off and had a great time.
 The noisy one on the right was overjoyed to see her friend joining us and they surged ahead in the crowd.. our t shirt that we had designed looked fabulous and made it so easy to see each other.  Lynne loves turtles and the colour green, look on the loop of the L and you will see a little turtle... and on the front of our t shirt is a bigger turtle.

 The crowd seemed to go on forever.
 The kids had lined up on the bollards and I was lucky to grab a snap shot.
On Friday night I went to a ladies night at my local bike shop, our team leader is a talented lady and made these lovely cupcakes with little choccy bikes!

I also received from my girls a pair of toe thingys... yes they are called that, they are covers that slip over my shoes to help keep me toasty warm on these cooling days when I'm cruising on my beast.