Saturday, July 25, 2015

busy busy busy

 made some wonton soup last night and there is a simple recipe going around on face book for these buns, so I whipped up a batch... not bad, but I do love a coffee scroll!
 Its winter inter club time again!  I figured this is my 8th year of going into MSAC and doing timekeeping and general mum duties.
 Last week I did timekeeping on pool deck, this week I sat up with the club and did splits for each swimmer.
 Here's the noisy one doing her breaststroke.  Not her favourite but she is a natural swimmer.
 Last weekend I did a fundraiser for a young lady who is needing $220,000 for treatment for leukemia.  I rode on a stationary bike with a team for 24hours.  I didn't do the entire 24hrs straight (I'm not that insane lol).
 While we pedalled through the night we watched the tour De France and played games.  I ended up riding for about 5.5hr and did 151km  We raised over $4000.

When I came outside in the morning not only was it about -3deg I was under a tree that must have had the biggest birds roosting in it overnight and they all must have dumped their contents of their guts onto my car....  this really doesn't show how bad my poor car looked!

Next weekend is retreat weekend!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

what to do on a cold wet day

 I laid out the froglets DWR.  its coming along nicely.
I have been sick the last few days with a weird virus so riding today didn't happen which was possibly a good thing as it rained and my friends who did ride got drowned.