Sunday, December 9, 2018

long time no post!

 So been awhile since i last posted. much has happened. here's a snippet.  I got my 25 years at work. Some of the nurses I work with said... gosh I'm not even 25 yet....  gee thanks!
 Mr cookiecat.  Hes still terrorizing little Milly, its amusing watching him stalk her.

 Milly... our Jackahauhau.  The victim in being terrorized.

 Whats a post without some socks and Wasabi?

 Lil was doing some great work earlier in the year, she caught 3 rats.  not just mice, but big whopper rats. one was eaten apart from the head... think she was full after that one.
 I made a quilt for my father in laws wife in the UK.  The mamil took it over with him earlier in the year.

 Oh look at that... another picture of wasabi.... she got some nice new bar tape... so pretty.

 Went on my quilting guilds retreat and did a little hand piecing... this is my current hand piecing take with me project.  Theres some stitchery to do on the blocks but I'm going to do some a bit different as i don't like some of the designs.

 A trip to Perth to see the froglet and of course my grandfur baby.... Bear.  hes the cheekiest most adorable pup.

 No, its not wasabi, its the hired steed for my Perth trip, sweet ride for a few days!

 Bit of shameless plugging.  This tea is bloody amazing stuff!  Roogenics is the brand. Totally Aussie owned and produced here.  It tastes great and theres different flavours and types. Ive been drinking the anti inflammatory and the detox as a mix for the past 4 months and my gut health has improved vastly.  Theres a sleep one, which is lovely and a happiness tea that is great.  Go have a look at their website.  You can get it in most states in health food shops... GoVita stores and  online.  I have bought online and their delivery was very prompt.

My poor mamil, he was rear ended and his car was written off... hes ok, back sore.  Then he got hit 7 weeks after he got his new car pictured above... in the drivers door by a drunk driver. so the car is back from the panel beaters... meanwhile he had a hire car... the neighbour backed into it on our driveway.  That's his 3!  We also got as you can see roof racks... so his car is rather sexy looking... and even more so with wasabi on it!

Christmas is fast looming... I wish you all a safe festive season and a happy new year!

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Wasabi turns 3!

 Bit of a bike post today.  Its Wasabi's 3rd birthday!  boy have we done some kms! 15,148.l kms to be exact. 
 Ive gone up 1000's of metres in elevation.
 We've ridden to many cafes for many a good coffee and a laugh with friends.
 We did the 7 peaks together.
 Stopped to listen to the sounds of the bush.
 Been snowed on as we descended Lake Mountain
 Rode with my daughter when she came home for a visit
 Rode with my mamil and our friend while supporting them on their 3 peaks journey.
 Spent many hours with m mamil in the saddle, complaining, suffering, supporting, singing, laughing and getting fit.
I love my bike, she gives me freedom and the opportunity to get lost and find myself again.
Happy birthday my friend, I look forward to 1000's more kms

Friday, May 4, 2018

won a prize!

 So I won a fabulous prize from the wonderful jodie of ricrac!
 I need to make something now!
 lots of detours in my life locally! All temporary and will eventually give us better roads to drive and ride on safely.
 Its Autumn now... soon the leg warmers will be pulled out from my drawers... Im wearing arm warmers and my vest has been out a few times now... long gloves will be making their appearance soon too.
 My hubby bought me a new phone as I was driving him nuts with my old phone not working properly.  The camera alone on this is superb.  I had a little photo shoot with this little poser.

I find myself on solo rides more often of late but I still stop for a coffee and to sit and reflect on my mornings adventure.  I hope all of your adventures are successful and fun.  Tomorrow Im off down along beach road where its pretty flat in comparison to my local rides... this one wont be a solo ride so im sure it will be full of laughs and of course coffee.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

perth trip #2 with the hubby!

 Since my last post I also celebrated another birthday, the cup above was one of the lovely gifts I received... Ive just realised that my other really lovely gift which was an old biscuit tin that has been lined and up cycled for a sewing tin isn't in the photo.
 So the hubby/fisherman/mamil came with me to visit the froglet in Perth.  We surprised her, she had no idea we were coming.
 Our second day took us for a walk to her workplace for a decent coffee and I had this really yummy breakfast.  We took the cat bus into town to organise our hire bikes for a few days.

 As we were coming back to the froglets house I saw this amazing yarn bombing, I think its one of the biggest ones Ive ever seen!
 We took our own helmets and shoes with us to Perth and hired a couple of bikes from the same place i used last time. this time though we got road bikes, a couple of cannondales.  They did us well for the two days.

 We managed to find probably one of the steepest roads in the whole of Perth that took us up to a great look out in kings park.
 I managed to navigate our way all around the river this time without getting lost!  I had decided to go back to the park I had a coffee and muffin at last time as it was a good halfway spot.

 We actually went back again the next day.... We got slightly lost going to leederville... ended up in the next suburb but found our way back easily enough.  Even the mamil was impressed with the paths and the lack of traffic we encountered on our rides.
 Of course Bear was very excited to see me again and to meet his granddad hahahah.  He slept with us for the first 3 nights.... there wasn't much room in the bed.
 The weather was perfect for us for the week we were in Perth.  we visited the beaches and lazed around when we didn't ride.
 A bit of shell hunting happened after brunch at this beach.

 On our last day we went into Fremantle to the market again and a visit to the little creatures brewery.  we got a tasting plate for their beers and ciders.  I got the stuff they didn't like!
 Also in Freo is a maritime museum and they have a O class submarine there.  The mamil got pretty excited when he found out they did tours on them.  So we managed to get on the last tour of the day.  He was really pleased to show the froglet and her soldier boy what conditions he used to experience when he served in the RN Submarines.  The big difference was he was on bombers, which are nuclear submarines... the subs were very different but they got the general idea of what it was like in a sub.

 Someone was happy to have me home again and like all cats as soon as the bag was empty he filled it!
And finally on a quilty note, I have started my first paper piecing project. the cactus rose.  So its all prepped and ready to sew.... stay tuned!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Trip to Perth and new projects

 Introducing Bear!  he is the froglets puppy, he is a dachshund x boarder collie.  I kid you not!  Hes gorgeous and very cheeky.  I went to Perth where her man is currently posted to see where they are living and catch up with her, I managed to find 3 bike shops, 3 patchwork shops and a few good coffees.
 I hired a bike for 5 hours and got a nice 60km ride with Doris (you gotta name your bike!) We rode up and around the river, found a great coffee  of course.  The weather was amazing while I was there, didn't put the winter woolies on at all.
 I came home to slightly cooler conditions and had a few rides in the fog!  Its actually very peaceful when its foggy, but you have to be more cautious and we always have our lights on regardless of time of day or the conditions.
 My legs got a little dewy on this ride.  Like my socks?  they are called disco... and yes I wear odd socks :)
 On a quilting/stitching note, I have finished my bike stitchery, need to put it in something now....
So my next stitchery is this one..... I actually have enlarged it as it was a little tiny for me... I will turn this into a cushion.
 This is called cactus rose.  Its paper piecing of the extreme hahahha. I haven't done any paper piecing but one of my cycling buddies has, so she is going to torture me with this.  I guess its fair payback as I take her out for 'challenging' rides... shes getting stronger and fitter!

This isn't my quilt, I have bought some lovely fossil ferns in Perth and supplemented them with some other fabrics... I will take pictures for the next post.. promise.