Friday, October 30, 2015

day 12

 So today I did a bit of work on the double wedding ring.
 As you can see I have labelled each partial ring, which was done with a little help from my friend (hmm reminds me of a song!!)
 I got 3 more rings connected.... its not taking that long.
Still a bit stiff and using the frame to get around with, but hoping that I can upgrade to either crutches or a stick next week!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

UFO done!

 I have been blessed with some really really good friends.  I have had visitors come to see me, feed me, take me to the shops and I received some lovely get well cards and gifts.  Thank you so much it has kept me sane and helped keep my spirits high.
 Cookie has really enjoyed the mornings out on the back veranda with me while I have sat and sewn... I wish I could twist into the odd positions he gets into.
 My war wounds are healing nicely, the scabs are all falling off... I use bio oil which has helped, I shall keep on applying this to my nice new pink skin and hope that my scars aren't too bad.
 TADA!  the little stitchery is finished!  After many many years of sitting in a bag I finally finished it.  now to start on the bigger quilt, I also have the DWR to work on.
Our weeping Calistamon is coming out in flowers.. the last few days all I can hear is the hum of the bees and the squawking and beak clacking of the honey eaters that love to eat the nectar out of the flowers.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

more sewing

 So now the box that had my double wedding ring pieces is now empty!  I have now finished all the melons and today my friend came over and helped me lay out the pieces and make sure it was balanced.
 We then labelled rows and pinned pieces together so I can pick up each section and piece them together without fear of having an unbalanced quilt.  Thank you so much for the help and lunch!
I did some more work on the little stitchery.... I took this before I did even more... tomorrow I shall finish the stitchery!  stay tuned......  

Monday, October 26, 2015

time for UFO's

So today the fisherman/mamil took me to the shops to get the food shopping.  He is a bit of a maniac driver so once I got inside Coles I took over my own driving.

We did get all the shopping done and into the car without any mishaps, but I think a few people leapt out of our way haha.

I came home and sat down with a few UFO's and got stuck into this particular project.  The blue pen i originally used to mark the lines with have partly disappeared, I think it was on a particularly humid day.  I'm wondering if the rest of the blue will come out or if the heat has  set the remainder of the lines.....

I also have a larger UFO of the same designer with the same problem.... I'm going to sew over the blue as much as I can so if it doesn't come out it should be hidden.

I know of a friend who had a whole cloth and had it in the back of her car one day when the temperature soared above the 40's and set the blue lines, has anyone else had a pen issue?

Sunday, October 25, 2015

time to hand sew

so here I am one week after my close encounters with the gravel.

I am healing ever so slowly..... time for me to learn to be patient.

I have however used my time well and have been working on the froglets double wedding ring quilt.  I now have 5 rings in a row!

My friend is going to come over on Tuesday and we will lay it all out and label the pieces so i have a nice balanced quilt.  Yes its a scrappy quilt but I still like it to be balanced... nothing worse than finding all the dark bits are in one corner after you have quilted it!!

My left buttock is aching now... think I might have over done it a little.... tomorrow shall be another 'rest' day.

Monday, October 19, 2015

small misadventure

So  I knew one day I would have a fall off my bike.... don't panic... I am fine, well sort of.

I was riding with my friends and turned left around a corner doing about 35-40 kmph and hit a patch of gravel... I knew what was coming and my wheels slid out from under me and i landed on my left side.

 This is my left elbow

and this is my left calf... I also have a few little cuts on my left thigh.  However even though these look impressive they aren't what is giving me grief.

The ambos said I hadn't broken anything so i went home and this morning when to my doctor who wisely got me some xrays and CT scans which showed that I do indeed have fractures.

I have this.... a L5 transverse fracture and my left sacrum is also fractured.  so my arse is sore.

Please don't panic and tell me off...  I got some good drugs (and to be honest one is kicking in now and I think I might just fall asleep ha.)

I have learnt a valuable lesson... don't speed and turn on gravel.

Wasabi is ok.... I asked about her straight up.. and checked her out today..... but she will go and see her doctor later in the week too for a checkup.

So 4 weeks off work to start with... he didn't say i couldn't ride.... but i cant see me doing that at the moment anyway :)

Sewing time will occur!  but first Im having a nap zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Saturday, October 17, 2015

a weekend of stuff

 So last week we had a little rain.....
 It turned to hail..... just some small ones.
 It poured!  This was just after we had done around the bay in a day... the fisherman had done his first 100km ride.  It was perfect conditions, best in 5 years.
 Muck up day on Wednesday... this is part of the noisy ones costume... it will hang from her umbrella, she is a weather reporter from a game she plays online.
 I got me some nice new socks.... and have started to top up the tan again!
 The fisherman decided to pull several bikes apart and turn them into a 'new' bike to put on the trainer on the back veranda so he can ride/train on it.
Cookie was playing the you cant see me game... hahahah.  fail.