Thursday, May 10, 2012

finally some photos!

 I have been seriously missing some photos in my blogging of recent times.  I keep finding strange photos on my camera such as the one of cookie making himself at home on the last quilt I made for my cousins new baby.  Today I was doing some mending at the table and he amused himself by batting at the cotton and needle as I tried to sew.
 I used a stripey fabric for the binding and quilted it myself with a lovely variegated cotton.  Rather than doing boring old stipples I threw in little flowers and when I got to the outer edge I decided to do more of the flowers to finish it off.
 My Friend Liz had a birthday recently and she loves crocodiles so I made her one from Jodie from Ric Rac his name is Gulliver and the pattern was really easy to follow. Gulliver came together in no time with only a few mistakes which was my fault.  I will make another one of these guys for sure.  Need to remember though to buy one of those big needles for doll/bear making though for the legs, using a small needle doesn't cut it.
 of course no post is complete without a photo of little Milly.  She is a real cutie and I doubt she will get much bigger than this.  I think I will buy her a coat and applique the words "I am a Jack Russell"  I'm always being asked if she is a Chihuahua.  I told someone she was a miniature dingo and they believed me!!
 here's a close up of my quilting.
I haven't been riding this week as I have contracted a lurgy from the froglet, so didn't even go to the gym today.  No quilting tonight either, will stay at home and have an early night.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

blogger help

I have added a friends blog to my list... but I cant see it.  Its there when i log into my blog and i can see it on the reading list, but this isn't good enough, I want to be able to see it when I'm not signed in too.

I cant figure out how to remove it so I can put it back on again either, can anyone out there in blog world help me please?

I pulled up really well from the ride, no aches or pains.  But my poor training partners aren't doing terribly well, one has 2 bulging discs but is improving slowly and now my other partner pulled something really badly yesterday morning in class and ended up getting an ambulance to the hospital. 

So that is 3 of my friends with back problems since the start of this year... I hope that's the lot......  team coffee is going to be renamed soon to team decaffeinated!

Weather turned wet and cold, no riding today.... class tomorrow!