Wednesday, June 30, 2010

school holidays again...

School holidays are here again, I have been working for the last 3 days so not much has been done in this house.
The noisy one has a cold so that has kept her a bit more quiet than normal but after 3 days of being home I think she is ready to get bopping.

The froglet has been over to hang out with the baby bat and another friend of hers had a birthday so once again mums taxi was in action. I believe she has organised this friend to come and hang out here tomorrow for a while and then another friend is coming for a sleep over on Friday!

We are planing on going into the city to see the Tim Burton exhibition and if this weather gets warmer at trip to the zoo to see the baby elephant, new tiger cubs and the new seal enclosure.

This is a project that I am helping create for work, I need to spend some time working on the centre as it needs to be finished by the 14th July.... not much time left so I better get crackalackin as the noisy one tells me

Monday, June 21, 2010

20 years ago.....

It was my 20th wedding anniversary last Tuesday, I find it hard to believe that 20 years ago I got married in Scotland to my then submariner husband!
The girls and I had gone to my mums a week or so ago and we found my wedding dress and the fisherman's uniform hanging in her wardrobe (I have no room in my house!!)

The girls couldn't believe that their dad used to be THAT skinny lol. Then I was scanning photos that I found and they were in stitches over how young their dad looked and how dark his hair was!!

I am pleased to say they didn't say that I had gotten older, even though I have aged...

I hope that one of the girls might even wear my dress when they get married (not for a long long LONG time lol).

Been a busy week here, just finished 6 days straight, have one off then work another day, so tomorrow will hit the gym, catch up with the gym junkies, shopping for food, cooking for a few days of meals, down to the pool with the froglet and probably another RPM class rather than sitting by the pool dropping off to sleep :)... sewing? gee might fit some of that in later in the evening!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

blog dedicated to me!

my friend Maddy posted a message just for meee :) I am hoping she isn't saying I'm a dog HAHAHAH. No I know she isn't, its about the band, as I have had a connection to brass bands/pipe bands and concert bands since I was a little girl. I was rather excited when I saw my name in lights so to speak!

Also I can see a road trip coming up again (Mrs Martins)as I have spotted a new project that has taken my eye straight away, that has to be an omen yes? I either like something straight away or not. I often like many things but don't necessary want to make them, but this one is one I am keen to see up close.

Its my 20th wedding anniversary today, so need to go and attend to my roast pork.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

been slack

oh my goodness, I have been soooo busy lately and not had time even to look at the blogs I follow let alone post on mine!!

Lets see..... I have had a cold, it went and then I think I got its cousin, the cold #2
the fisherman had his work do, on board a boat on the yarra which ended up being a fun night, I got to practice my moves I have been learning in danzika class!
These are a couple of views we had while cruising around the yarra!

The swim club stuff has taken over my life at the moment, lots to get sorted as the past past committee has let a few things go and we need to now move on and get it happening, so there is a bit of ground work to be done then it should be much easier going from there.

Training for my round the bay experience has shuddered to a halt with the weather and my buddies time tables clashing, but we are doing RPM and other gym classes to keep up the fitness, just need some road time.

Got a sausage sizzle on Monday at a local bunnings so hoping that will bring in much needed cash for the swim club. Have to be up at the crack of dawn to buy 20 loaves of bread arrgghhh!

Sewing has been limited to taking up 2 pairs of pants for the froglet for her work experience week, which went really well. So well that she may well gain some casual work from it!!