Thursday, May 29, 2014

50th quilt finished on time!

 How happy was I when I was able to get the binding for the quilt?!  two days before the party.  I love living on the edge.
 I quilted this quilt with a lovely pink variegated thread, bonus was it was on sale so I bought a large reel and a small reel for less than what the large reel normally costs!  Didn't find this out till I got to the cash register.
 I love the feeling of achievement when you have decided to make someone a quilt and it comes together quickly.  I did leave the binding till a Little late but I got in on just in time.
 My training partner rang me and asked me if I would have time to go and do a bikram yoga session, so another incentive to get the quilt finished.  I sewed down the label and was just getting changed when she pulled up in my driveway! (the bikram yoga by the way was great, sweated like I have never done before!).
 I just realised when I was uploading these picture's that I didn't take a photo of the fully finished quilt with the binding completely sewn down.... what a doofus!
My friend was delighted with the quilt, she loved the colours and the butterflies and bugs.... I will be telling her when I see her tomorrow that I expect her to use it and not put it somewhere safe for special occasions.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

hand piecing

 The down side of feeling sick, is that you feel like crap, you cant do what you want to do. You don't feel like going out to get basic daily needs ie: milk and bread and  something for dinner.... mind you, cooking is the last thing on my mind.

 An up side?  well I have sat and watched TV and done hand piecing of the double wedding ring.
 I have sat and cheered on Orica Green Edge cycling team as they ride in the Giro D'Italia... well I have seen the highlights as its on at an ungodly hour of the morning. OGE are the Aussie team for the non cycling fans and they are doing extremely well!
 Milly has made the most of me sitting still for such extended periods and is either on my legs as above or curled up, don't you love the way they curl up into such a small tidy ball.
 I have managed to get a fair bit of stitching done which has helped cheer me up.
 I recently saw a photo on face book of a bride who had wrapped herself in the DWR quilt her mother made her for a wedding gift.  It made me smile and have tears of joy thinking how lovely the picture was and how much the mother of the bride would be delighted.
 I showed the froglet the photo, (she is the recipient of the DWR I am making), she told me she wants a photo just like that one of the bride wrapped in her quilt....  my heart nearly stopped with joy!  I have quite a few years before I need to worry but its given me an incentive to make sure it is finished on time.
Cookie also decided he had to get a little lap action tonight too and sat on his 'mummy' he isn't a big one for doing lap time, so we all feel rather privileged when he chooses one of us for a cuddle.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

nearing completion

 Finally got the boarder on for the top.  I had a nice large piece of material in my stash perfect for the backing, and it also works for the boarder.

 Of course the backing piece wasn't wide enough so I had to add a little to it.  But when I was making the blocks I had made 7 more than I needed and I also had a few of the little 4 patches, so I turned them into a strip and added a boarder to either side which made it wide enough.
 I'm happy with the way its turned out.  Now I just need to see if I have any batting large enough, or 2 or more bits that I can whip stitch together.
I love being able to make a quilt without spending any money.  Well that's not true as I must have bought the fabrics at some time in the past!  I will have to buy some thread to quilt it and I don't think I have any batting so will buy that too... oh my goodness... just realised I don't have the binding sorted!   got some purple that might just do the job!  It makes a giving a quilt that can cost quite a few dollars very affordable, I also get a huge enjoyment out of making and giving something that I have made, specially when I know the recipient will appreciate the whole concept of it being made specially for her.