Sunday, July 13, 2014

Its done

So 40km yesterday and 60km today = 100km for my weekend.  The weather this morning was colder than yesterday but then the sun came out.

It was magnificent out, I always feel sorry for those who are still warm in their beds!  Oh I nearly forgot I also saw the moon this morning at 7.15am  it was HUGE!

The tour De France continues tonight.... yep that time of year :)

Saturday, July 12, 2014

No time to sew!

Tomorrow I will clock up 2000km on my bike for the year so far.  This was going to be my aim for the whole year.... that stuffed me up LOL

So now I am going to aim for 4000km for the year!

Some of my friends will relate to this picture below... and they  will possibly remember a retreat a few years ago when I think I might have had a few too many red lollies, coffees, and a V for breakfast with minimal hours of sleep.
I have also found a new challenge... its an obstacle course.... only 5km long..... challenge you are saying?  Well if you are being chased by zombies it makes it challenging!!  I also have the option of being the zombie.... gosh decisions, decisions!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

A finish!

The Froglet started a ragtime quilt quite a number of years ago.... I actually don't want to think how many years ago that was!
 I made a couple of them, never really liked making them, I got a massive blister on my thumb (the meaty part) from snipping the flappy bits.  Discovered no to snip in one go, but to do it as you went!
 Yesterday I decided to get in finished, and of course it didn't take that long to do.  It just needs to be washed to make it fluffy and soften it up.
 Its sitting on my couch, brightening up the room.... almost need my sunnies
 This morning I went for my usual Saturday morning ride, so much nicer than last weeks ride in the pouring rain.  I came home and made myself some bacon and scrambled eggs...... Milly sat and watched me....