Sunday, September 26, 2010

my table runner

Today my 2 friends who are doing the round the bay with me in 3 weeks time (eek) and I went for what is possibly our last training ride. We did 40km in 2 hours to Craigieburn and back. It was such a beautiful day to be outside.

I mentioned some time ago that one of my friends made me a beautiful table runner for my birthday, I took some photos a while ago but haven't had the time to blog about it so here is some pics of my very special table runner, many thanks Jennifer!

Jennifer knows that I am rather partial to frogs and used a very suitable background fabric

I must say my poor table runner met with a small accident and some Pepsi was spilt onto it, the noisy one grabbed the cloth and dabbed at it and was very upset as she knew I would be very unimpressed. Lucky for her I was able to wash it and between her dabbing and my washing it has come up clean and unstained.

Life is back to normal with the laptops now working and the noisy one has a brand new computor as the old one totally died in the arse. The fisherman worked very hard to fix it but the old hardrive/motherboard thwarted him. I must say I am impressed with his willpower as all he really wanted to do was put the old harddrive on the road and run it over multiple times with our trusty 4x4!

Friday, September 24, 2010

computor problems

I have been missing in action off the net for the last 2 weeks. The program that was protecting our computers had a meltdown and we had to wait for the fisherman aka Mr I.T. to come home and fix it for us.

this is now done and I have much to catch up on.

I have now finished my 6 weeks of boot camp and I'm feeling rather sore but I know I have lost some inches and gained some fitness. My instructors were brutal in the nicest possible ways and my team mates kept me inspired and on target, I don't think I would have achieved some of the things without my team coffee to push me on.

I did a class last week and will post about that over the weekend with luck

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

fabric and exersize do go together!

Today's images are from my garden... spring is sprunging!
Thursday morning we did an indoor challenge as the weather had turned foul over night. Teams of 3, so team coffee were off and running, literally! More circuits with ladders, weaving in and out of tires, weights, push ups, step ups, push ups, mountain climbs which are rather nasty, more push ups and then you do it all again! At the end of this we got to choose a reward.... ohh we thought, we selected a cardboard foot with the #10 and we got to do another 100 push ups!! OMG, so we did them and then decided to get another cardboard foot, this time we got to do another 70 mountain climbs, geeze, can it get any worse? yes, another 70 push ups. We decided that sit ups were needed at this point of time.

But as a reward to myself for doing well, my friend and I went on a little shopping spree to Gail B's and boy did we reward ourselves!

I haven't taken a photo of my haul, but I bought background fabric in a nice buttery colour for my eldest daughters next quilt, which will take me a long time to make, I'm making her a double wedding ring, yes she isn't even 16 but I want to make one and this will be for her... 21st probably lol. It will be by hand, and I am going to use up some of my Robyn Randolph's and similar fabrics.

I also bought a kit to make a baby's quilt to take overseas to my niece who will be due the day or so before we arrive in London, so thoughtful of her! I also have to make her mother one, another cousin here in Australia is having a baby so one for him and a bed runner for my friends engagement... Think I will be busy!

So this morning I was up again at 5.30am and the froglet came with me again to do swim training, so nice to have a grumpy teen in the car :) she is better on the way home as she is more awake.

Today was a bit of a horror session. We started with a run around the park (remember I don't run!) then back inside to do mini circuits of running again... around the stage and over it, bunny hopping side to side on the punching bags on the floor, lifting weights, spinning on the bike, stepping over extra high steppers and my all time non favourite push ups with a little walk between... so that is moving your hands along and your feet, still in the push up position then do a push up, move along etc.

Did it stop there? nooooo our group (we were split in half) then went outside again in the cold and damp, into the car park for some real boot camping. running up and down a ladder on the ground, carrying tires back and forward to witches hats and then donning gardening gloves as we had to run up and down on our hands and feet on the wet ground, and back again in crab method... that's hard.
Then we packed up and thought we will now do some ab work inside... not a chance. back outside for a final run around the park. I really felt ill.

All better this evening after a long day at work, home to do more work and cook a nutritious dinner... got some potato and leek soup happening.

The fisherman is overseas with work for 2 weeks so the girls and I able to eat lots of cheesy meals as he doesn't eat cheese. Lasagna was cooked and devoured for the last 2 nights, I love leftovers!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

cold, dark and wet

At 5.30am think of me..... outside in the dark, and the cold and the wet!

Tuesday morning was a classic! We got into 3 teams and off we went to do battle. We all had sheets with exercises to do and the aim of course was to finish first. I had my team coffee with me and then there was the ring ins lol.

We had to run around the oval and one of the boys wasn't as fit as some of us, so we dragged him around, yelling encouragement to him all the way... the other teams and the instructors thought it was hilarious and great to have such team spirit. I think the people that live in the houses behind the gym might have been cursing us and wondering who in the hell was up at 6 in the morning yelling at the top of their voices.

We got our man around the oval and he did all the extra exercises then he found out we had to go around the oval again! He didn't let himself or the team down and made it around again. In fact the team did so well that we won the overall challenge against the other teams that had some of the more fitter men!!

So tomorrow we have John. He is no push over, actually he is bloody hard and if you stuff up or try to skip out or drop to the ground, the whole group will have to do at least 50 push ups... every time. *groan* But I don't mind being pushed, I will rise to the challenge as I don't like to be beaten.

To reward myself for my hard work I am taking the rest of the morning off and going shopping for fabric.