Monday, March 29, 2010

school holidays

A few weeks ago I treated myself to a pedicure. I felt like I had feet of a princess and such a prettyful colour too! I highly recommend you all going out and having your feet pampered for an hour or so. Go on treat your self YOU deserve it!!

Now I cant take the credit totally for these photos. They were taken on my camera and that's where the credit stops. The baby bat is doing photography at school and needed to take some pictures, so the froglet got dressed up and made up and we set off for the local cemetery for a mega photo shoot. These are only a couple of over 200 photos and there are some epic photos.

The Ferris wheel I can claim as mine. This was taken at the community festival the other week... I love sepia photos and black and whites, it gives such a different look to a photo.

Another baby bat masterpiece!

The school holidays bring both terror and joy to my heart. Joy in the fact we spend some time together, I get to sleep in on days I don't work (paid work that is). Terror for my bank account, lack of gym due to sleep ins, empty pantry and fridge.

I hope you all have safe and happy holidays if you have children and for those who don't I hope you enjoy less traffic on the roads and don't work in local shopping centres!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

community festival

I'm here! just been busy with life. Have some photos to upload again! tomorrow is the whittlesea community festival down at Barry road Lalor.

There will be stalls there and things happening on stage. Danzika/zumba with top instructors at 4pm. Irish dance display with wonderful dancers at 720pm Stalls such as bike n bean who sell great bikes and make good coffee in mill park just near spotlight, they service bikes too. Westfield plaza has a walking group who meet in the morning (not sure of time or days) but you will find out if you go to the festival!!

Hope you have a great weekend... the weather has been amazing! (our grass is also amazing!)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

finished a project and marketing

Yesterday I went to the last market for Northside Makers Market for this side of the year. Such a lovely market with very talented crafters and they are all very friendly and ready for a chat.

I took both the girls and the froglets friend, baby bat with us. Got a nice little booty of goodies!

One of the froglets friends is celebrating her 16th birthday so she selected this cute little card for her from red parka I love the parliament of owls!

this very cute little mini sock monkey had to come home with the noisy one... now named the minkie. I was very taken with her sock spiders, should have bought one!! this we purchased from chuckles

Finally I own my very own curly pops brooch, I chose the heart without thinking too much about it (I just liked it) and later I realised I had subconsciously chosen it with cherry my doberman in mind. Lovely to meet you finally Cam, I have been stalking your blog for a while now and enjoy reading it daily.

I also met the lovely Margaret of Konstant Kaos and bought this hair tie for my friend who always has her hair up with ribbons and such. Great to meet you too, the baby bat was delighted to get the info you gave her about the goth markety thingy.

Finally I finished the journal cover for the frogets friend who is also an Irish dancer. I bought this cute little pattern from allsorts some time ago and made one for the froglet but hadn't turned it into anything yet. So we chose colours that Lauren would like (pink) and decided a journal cover would be ideal.

the pattern for the journal I found on the moda bake shop site, I didn't follow it exactly but I did find it very simple to follow and alter to my own needs.

Off now to have afternoon tea with a friend, the girls are looking forward to meeting her chooks and the cat!

Friday, March 12, 2010

sad times

Yesterday we lost a treasured member of the family. Our Doberman, Cherry left us for the rainbow bridge. She waits there for me with my other 2 Dobermans.

There have been many tears in the past 24 hours. Oddly we have also shared some laughs remembering our loonies antics. I have had emails from my friends with condolences and some of them have remembered things I have told them about Cherry... one thing she did was to bang her food bowl with her paws to remind us to feed her at 6pm each night!

Thank you to all my friends for being there for me and helping through some tearful moments

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Today the froglet announced that she needed some new jeans and some new shoes. Being the wonderful mum that I am, I was happy to oblige and we found these cool high top shoes and two new pair of jeans. I was also really lucky and I found a pair of shoes for me that even fit my orthotics!! (by the way my foot is feeling much better but I will be a good girl and wear my orthotics more often). The reason for the shopping trip was actually to buy a bag!

The froglet also keeps stealing things from my cupboard and jewellery box.... I cant believe that I used to wear this smiley belt and now my teen is loving it!

I got the idea for the bag on the Internet and have no idea where I first saw it. We have bought a simple bag and then blinged it up. The froglet came home and raided my fabric stash and found this psychedelic frog (what else!) and then decided it needed buttons. I only sewed the patch on with my machine and showed her how to attach a button and the rest has been her design and idea.
Its times like these I think my hording of buttons, ribbons, fabric, crafty bits and piece come in handy!

The bag is nearly finished and I will post a photo of the bag being modelled in my next installment

Saturday, March 6, 2010

pain and agony

Many years ago I suffered from plantar facitis in my right foot, this was from exercising (yes I know its supposed to be good for you but I end up injured). Anyway it took me years to get over it and I wore orthotics in ugly shoes for years. I have over the last couple of years found that my P.F. had improved so much that I could wear fashionable shoes again.... well its back to haunt me again but now its in my left foot.
I'm hoping that because I know how to treat it straight away with frozen water bottles (rolling foot on them) golf/tennis balls.. more foot rolling and various stretches etc that I wont suffer as long as I did last time. I have my orthotics in my old runners and on my feet (I love sitting barefoot) This morning when I awoke I could barely walk and as the day has gone on I have improved (seems silly doesn't it!) but that's P.F for you.

Thanks for listening to me moan about my sore foot... I have put in 7 hours at the gym in 5 days this week and I'm not happy about the fact I might not be able to do my classes next week. Swimming and weights will be the order of the day if I am still crippled.
Now for your viewing pleasure for listening to my woes I have included my recent creation of banana and choc chip muffins. I have a heap of frozen bananas in my freezer waiting to be used and when I found this simple recipe I decided I had nothing to loose but the frozen bananas in my freezer!!! I even made a second batch on Thursday evening to take to my quilting guild to share with my friends... they were barely cool when they enjoyed them.

The dry ingredients....

looking a bit like something I better not mention as so people aren't as graphic in their descriptions as I am lol.... nice to eat at this stage too!

here's the finished results and quite yummy too.

Friday, March 5, 2010

sneak peek

Here is a sneak peek of the project I am working on at the moment. I am making this for my daughters friends 16th birthday... I doubt she would see this this but just in case :) sorry about the shadow, I didn't see that till I posted them. I will also put up a link where I got this design from when I post the completed project.

I am going to make a journal cover, I have looked at many many tutorials and I think I will be able to make one using all these different tutorials... thank goodness for the Internet!

I also just had a phone call from a friend who copped a ticket for not stopping at a stop sign tsk tsk naughty girl Simone!!!!! She said she paused but Mr plod was watching.... shame he wasn't at the roundabout near my house this afternoon when a green P plater nearly collected me when he drove straight through without giving way to me.
She also rang to tell me that my blog was playing up and wouldn't load... I had to remove my virtual cat as apparently these gadgets or widgets can cause problems... all sorted now so it seems. Thanks for the heads up Simone and I hope you don't have any more run ins with the local constabulary!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

road trip 2!

Today the girls and I embarked on another road trip... such fun!

today we decided to invade the other side of town and went down to Mentone. Our first stop of the day was primative patches

You enter a small slice of patchwork heaven and dive in at the deep end!

I really dont know how long we were there but we managed to do a bit of damage to the bank accounts heheheheh. I kept on finding fabrics that I knew Jennifer would love but she was strong (most of the time) and deflected my attempts to empty her purse.

The next stop was to Carmels warehouse.... Anita said it was just like project runway! I agreed with her and thought we should have run in there screaming make it work!! That show is the bomb!
We also managed to go into Carmels actual shop in Mentone.

This was I think my find of the day. the froglets best friend is goth (babybat for those in the know) I saw this epic spider fabric and knew I had to buy it for her. I also bought some black satin backed crepe... both these were in the remenants bin so a total bargin!
I bought it home and showed the froglet who was delighted, but when I told her that her friend could sew up a skirt, she told me she is "crap at sewing mum" Looks like I might have to have a sewing day with the girls. Sewing clothes is my least favourite sewing thing but if push comes to shove... I will have to wait until Friday morning to present my finds to the babybat, I can hardly wait!!

funky owls for the froglet... yes yes I know its not frogs but she likes owls too and we have a cunning plan for a bag.... stay tuned for that saga!

The noisy one likes cats and the froglet made herself a frog quilt some time ago and now the noisy one wants the same quilt but with cats. Im slowly collecting cat fabrics for the hexagons and some century we will make it together.

Of course I bought a few other bits and pieces and then we had a very nice lunch at truely scrumptious Anita had a yummy looking (and tasting) vegetarian foccacia melt, Madeline and I had the B.E.L.T. bacon, egg, lettuce and tomato on a very light roll and Jennifer had the breakfast in a roll... All looked and tasted very good. The coffee was pretty good too (better than the crap I had last week!).

Tonight I did a danzika class with the girls as I missed my gym session this morning to partake in the road trip.