Sunday, April 29, 2012

bay2bay ride

Today I took the beast out for her first official ride.  We did this little jaunt of 65km.  It included a 2.3km hill climb up Arthur's seat with a 7% degree climb.  Now for those who don't know Arthur's seat, it used to have a chair lift that would take you to the top.

I can tell you that I lost count of how many hairpin bends I did after 5.  I will boast here a little as I'm rather proud of my achievement today.

I didn't stop on the way up.
It was timed from the bottom to the top and I rode it in 20.24.5
I was second in my team for the 65km leg and 1st female in my team for the 65km
I was 74th out of 102 females
Overall I was 619 out of 729

Although this was the hardest climb of the day it wasn't the only climb there was several long hills just when you thought you were safe!.  I also did a top speed of 67km (not going up of course).  I have to add the weather was perfect!  I was wearing my new kit that was provided for my team and I think we looked really smart.

Somewhere along the road about halfway home the beast got broken.  I think it was these nasty little white lines that actually were little speedy humps leading up to a T intersection... in a car they don't hurt your butt like they do on a tiny little bike saddle.

After these humps I couldn't change my front cog into the small one, for non bike riders this meant it was a hell of a lot harder to ride up hills and I mean really harder. 

The final 5kms you couldn't wipe the smile off my face, (Im still smiling now) and I was so relieved that I had completed the ride without falling off or doing other damage to my body. In saying that I am starting to stiffen up now and no doubt will amuse my work colleagues in the morning with my moans and groans.

Will I do it again???  you bet your bottom dollar I will!

I think my next big ride will be later in the year and will be 100km in around the bay in a day.

Thank you to my friends who have helped me train for this event and to my non sporting friends for indulging me when I prattle on about my adventures I do appreciate your messages of congrats and best wishes.

What did you all do for your sundays activities?

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I logged on just now with the intentions of posting some photos, but I cant find the blessed things so I am sorry once again for a lack of pictures.

I have been busy doing lots of taxi runs for the froglet.  she also just earned her yellow belt in judo, only been doing it for 3 months so she is well impressed.

The noisy one also is doing judo and ju jitsu, I hope that she finds some confidence in herself with this.

I have a big bike ride this weekend, its a 65km ride, that's not a problem... its the 2.3km hill climb that scares me.  Wish me luck!!  Its for a good cause, my work so if I cant walk on Monday they cant complain lol.

time to feed my fur babies, they are growing big... cookie the rag doll is now 1 year old!!! Milly howls when I go out without her, she is very much my dog.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

I am still alive

I am still alive and kicking!

just haven't been blogging. been busy with life.

I have made one of the wonderful ric racs crocodiles for my friend Liz for her birthday.... i really need to sort my laptop out so I can post photos.

The froglet has started judo and ju jitsu and now the noisy one is having a go too. I haven't seen Brazilian ju jitsu before but its a real art form. The girls are very lucky to have one of the only female black belts in Victoria as their coach and her husband is also an amazing instructor, hes like a human pretzel.

My poor training partner has hurt her back and thank goodness she got an MRI which showed two small bulges in her L3-4 and L4-5 so now she knows what she has, she can figure out what she can do. We have been walking... took little Milly with us for an hour... we did about 6km

I have a big ride coming up in a few weeks time, its 65km.. that's fine, but the thing that is worrying me is the 3.2km hill climb up Arthur's seat.... if you know that road you will understand my concern.

I have made 2 quilts for a friend at work and for a cousins new baby... today I have been asked to make another 2 quilts for new babies before the end of the year.... not a hard task but I have to find a pattern, find the materials, make them and quilt them..... might be able to use a pattern I have used before for one of them but will need a new one for the cousins baby....