Sunday, January 25, 2015

Triathlon pink

 Today was my annual triathlon down at Albert Park Lake.  the morning was rather cool to start with and we even had a little rain but by the time we hit he water the sun was starting to shine.
 I did the long course again but there was 210 other ladies in the water too which turned the pool into a giant washing machine with elbows, feet and hands flying in all directions making the swim rather treacherous.  My bestie got a few hits to her head but came out unscathed
 I decided that I wasn't going to turn this into a giant smash fest and enjoyed my journey without all the stress of trying to beat my best times.  Was the best decision I could have made as I still managed to come 7th in my age group and 3rd in the bike leg.

 Here I am shuffling along the path, I was hurting a bit by this time but I thought of my friends who I have lost to cancer and it kept me moving along.
I did come home and do some more sewing and prepped a couple of stitcheries!  was a productive weekend that I had.

Have your self a happy Australia day tomorrow.  I have to work but have some Aussie stuff to wear and I made some chocolate cupcakes in green and gold cases!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

time to sew

 Jenny from is a blog that I enjoy reading daily she has wonderful ideas, tutorials and patterns that you can purchase.  Jenny is also a very generous lady and has many free patterns.
I printed out her sheets above to help me organise my house... I have said it before I love doing lists!
 Jenny's newest pattern giveaway is for her sparrow block to help an organisation called sparrow ministries.
I scored a box at Christmas time and have been putting my current project inside it to keep it together and away from my thieving cat who also loves to leave a ton of fur on everything.

 If you go to Jenny's  blog (link above and on my blog list) you will find all the information you need to get started.  This year I'm aiming to sew a bit more not just for myself but for good causes.

 I went into my stash and found some nice fabrics which will suit the applique block nicely.
 The other group that I am going to become active with this year is Aussie hero quilts.  My guild has started making tops during January.
 They have block of the month and the one just finishing is a poppy block, which was perfect for me to get started with.
 The instructions were clear and easy to follow, I started them just before I went away and today I had spare time and got them finished.
 go to and you can read all about this amazing group.  Even if you aren't a quilter you can help out with donations.
Tomorrow is my annual triathlon with my bestie down at Albert Park Lake.  I am so under prepared this year so have decided to enjoy the journey rather than trying to achieve a time in the top ten of my age group.
 I will be running for my friend Lynne as I did last year and I will also ride for Nicola who also passed away early last year from cancer.  I will take time to remember those close to me who have lost their battle with cancer.

Friday, January 23, 2015

quilting in queensland

 This is the wall hanging that I made the froglet.  I started it some years ago, many of you might recognise the pattern as being a millamac pattern.  I thought it was an appropriate gift for her first appartment her boyfriend rolled his eyes when he saw it was yet another frog! So while she was in New Zealand on a holiday I finished it and suprised her with it when we got to Brisbane.
 I went to a shop in Eatons Hill and she had a basket full of her patterns, I hadn't seen so many in many years.  The shop owner told me that the millamac lady isn't doing any more patterns which is a shame as they were good 'Aussie' fun ones.... at least i know where to find them!  Alovely shop to visit with friendly ladies.
 Then I was also able to visit a shop in Keperra  I had found both these shops on the Internet and I did my homework to find them on google maps (I love google maps, I use the street view so I know landmarks!)  This shop is called

  I found a table full of lovely fabrics on special and as soon as I saw this I knew exactly what I could use it for and I had to have it. I can now do a BOM by Jenny of  its called the vintage kitchen and it is one of her many freebies that she generously gives out.  I havent done any of Jennys projects yet but some of my friends have so now I have no excuse.... apart from getting some thread sorted!
I also found a pattern for Australian flags which I had to have, I'm a proud bogan!  I was also lucky enough to meet Michelle Long who designed this lovely pattern which is a pattern.  She showed me a little quilt she had just about finished for a swap that was going to the USA.

This shop was even closer to the froglet so when I visit I can walk there or catch the train as its on the same line that is across the road from her place.  I might even be able to time a visit and do a class (got to keep myself busy when she is working!).

School goes back next week and I hope that some normality to the household might come back and I will start to sort out my crap  possessions  and get some much needed sewing done!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

trip to brisvegas

 The Froglet and I drove her car loaded up with her personal belongings and we began a 3 day journey up north.  We drove to Dubbo for our first day which took us about 11 hours.  I was actually pleased with the roads and we found the best bakery in Culcairn just out of Albury for breakfast.  The weather warmed up pretty quickly and my jumper didn't come out until I came home.
 Our second day was much shorter and drove about 6 hours to Gundawindi.  We arrived just after 2pm and we jumped in the pool at the motel straight away (that was one of the deciding factors for booking this particular motel!)  They had a great sign in the main street and it shows you the distances from most of the major cities in Australia.
 We had rain on and off most of the 3 days and the final hour into Brisbane was torrential, nothing like our rain here in Melbourne.  We drove up to Mooloolaba for a day at the beach, the sun came out and even though we slip slop slapped we got a bit of sunburn.
 I went for a walk one afternoon with the plan to take many photos, but after 10 minutes it poured on me and I was drenched in no time, this didn't really bother me as it was quite warm and I was actually happy to cool down somewhat.  I did find many mango trees just hanging over the footpaths and the scent of frangipani was on every corner.
Before I knew it my week away was over and I was boarding my plane home.  The froglet and I shed several tears before I walked through security.  Its only  about 7 weeks until she comes home for her graduation ceremony and there are plans for me to return up north and her sister to also join her for a visit.

I did get to visit 2 quilt shops.... more on that in another post!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

too hot to do much except sew!

 It was a warm night last night here so I was up early and got stuck into some sewing projects that have been neglected for the last few weeks.  This is a table topper that I have made for one of my mums friends for Christmas.  I popped into spotlight yesterday to get some more iron on pellon as i decided that the batting I have is too thick for this.

I was able to pin it on my tiled floor and did some basic quilting that suited this country style fabric.
 I had some left over squares so I made a mug rug.  Yes its late, but mum hasn't seen her yet so its okay.
 This is the backing for another UFO that I started many years ago, its a millamac pattern I shall post a picture of the front when I have finished it, I have kept it hidden from the froglet for many years and now she is moving out (sob) its a perfect time to give it to her
 Seeing that it was such a hot day the fisherman decided to clean down the veranda ready to re oil it during the week.  It was good that I had put the inflatable pool up to cool down in after we moved all the crap things off.
Milly was on hand to supervise the goings on and had a swim with us in the pool!

Friday, January 2, 2015

gotta love hot cross buns.....

 This is my hoya, its going bananas and I have so many flowers on it for the first time in years.  This plant started as a cutting from my mums plant, which was a cutting from her mum, and from her mum.  So its actually a very old plant.
 The sad part is that you cant pick the flowers but I can enjoy them on my veranda.
 YES!!!  hot cross bun time.  I don't care that they are out 3 days into the new year, I enjoy eating them any time of year..... unfortunately so does the rest of the family so I had to fight them for my one bun today.
We also have a few days of stinking hot weather so out comes the pool ready to cool off tomorrow!