Friday, June 24, 2011

new shoes and a challenge

These are my new and very unassuming runners that I purchased for a bargain price today. My team coffee partner bought some last week and I simply had to get some. I have worn new balance many years ago and changed across to asics for my last 3 or 4 pairs. They have been good runners but I have wondered if a change was needed... these are my change!

Now another very important event that I am going to attend is the hottie challenge that one of my favourite bloggers has been co ordinating. There are hotties from many well known bloggers, I have had a sneak peak at some on curlypops blog. I hope that some of my local friends might join me for a road trip to see them soon.

I have been doing a little sewing this week and I am hoping to finish the final block on my BOM, quilters journey. Shall post a few photos soon.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

double wedding ring and give aways

First of all I need to mention that there are 2 great giveaways up for grabs, I don't usually enter lots of these but I like the goodies that they are offering so thought I would put my hand up for a go.
the first one (not in any order) is for greenfairy quilts Judi is giving away a very nice looking FQ bundle.

The next one I have is for primitivehutch this is a new addition to my blog that I have started to follow and added to my list on my blog so that I can see when Robin updates her blog!

Now here is a peek at my newest project. yep double wedding ring.

A lot of these fabrics came from a wonderful lady that I met when I first started quilting and we formed a friendship through the Internet. She gave me a large bundle of offcuts and I have made several quilts and a bag and some friends have some of these fabrics in their quilts and bags too!

I chose fairly bold colours for the cornerstones and I still feel that they don't stick out like dogs bollocks.

My friends at sewing sat and cast their critical eyes across the fabrics and most of them agreed with my choice, will make up a few more strips and put them on the floor and take a photo... that aways helps!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

New quilts

I recently made a quilt for my cousins new baby. I have 3 cousins who my mum commissioned me to make a quilt for each new baby to their families.

I have made a few quilts now, I don't charge my mum to make these as its part of my gift to my cousins. This time I didn't have time to quilt it myself.

I asked my friend Anita if she would quilt it while I was oversea which she was able to do for me.

Once again I was very happy with the quilting that Anita did for me, this was just a nice all over design.

I joined strips of fabric to make a nice binding.

The quilt was given to the young family the other day and was very appreciated which is nice when you have taken the time to find something that you hope they will like.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

long weekend

typing one handed is slow and annoying!

why am i doing this you ask? cause my kitten has made herself comfy in my left hand and is nice and warm hehehee

I know you are all hanging to find out how my calf muscle is, it improving thanks for asking. I'm icing it and resting and one of my gym instructors is going to modify a class specially for me, shes awesome!!

Went out last night to hear a band play, first time in years the hubby and I have done that, worst thing was I couldn't dance grrr. We left the froglet at home with her friend, that was another first.

I have left the girls at home alone before but not at night and when I am a fair distance from them. Its not a matter of not trusting them as I do, its more if something happens and I'm not just around the corner... I kept checking the phone but they girls survived without me.

the noisy one has gone away with her friend for the long weekend so its been quiet here.

Work for me tomorrow... good thing is the pay as its a public holiday!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Injury alert

I'm not a happy camper this evening. I have been getting back into my training at the gym and was back to my weights that I was using prior to my trip overseas.... had been upping them little by little so I didn't hurt myself.

So today, doing the circuit class and was only jogging on the spot, nothing hard or overly vigorous, when "ping" I felt a nasty pain in my right calf.

Now this isn't a good pain I thought and tried to gently work through it to see if it let up. For a while there I thought I was onto a winner and it would ease off.....


I had a girly moment while I iced it outside the gym and had a little howl, then pulled myself together...

I was lucky enough to have an appointment with my osteopath/myotherapist, so rather than working on my upper back she tackled my legs. I didn't like the nodding and faces she was pulling while I told her what happened and the pain I was experiencing and had a nasty feeling she knew exactly what I had done.

She had a gentle fiddle with my calf and confirmed my fear that I had pulled the muscle in my calf ARGGHHH.

so now I have to be a good girl and no exercise for a week... oh I am allowed to do upper body weights and swimming, so will do this and no more as I don't want to have lingering pain or problems.

So the next 3 days I am icing and voltaran and gentle ambulation.... boy am I pissed off.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

new family member

just recently we found that we had acquired a new family member. this stunning black cat adopted us and is living on our back veranda, she is soooo friendly and such a pretty cat. my husband is a self proclaimed cat hater but this is the second cat to adopt us and he is a little smitten.

THIS however is our new kitten, cookie. she is a rag doll kitten and is a lovely natured kitten. the first photo is a little evil looking lol.

yesterday I did a 3 hour mega class down at the gym and then last night
I went out with the fisherman and danced for hours in my new shoes.... I was a little clever though and took with me some flatties for the end of the night, so happy that I did that!!