Sunday, October 19, 2014

around the bay in a day 5th year!

Today was my annual ride atb.

My 5th one in a row...... this year we decided to go further than Frankston, so we went to Mornington.  We did think it was going to be 130km round trip but was only 122km but that was fine as we copped  a head wind all the way home.

We had a great day as per usual, had some laughs at the Mordialloc rest stop with the volunteers and danced to the music they had playing.

Our group of 4 stuck together all the way home and helped each other take turns out the front in the wind.
This is a photo of the back of my bestie, her son is just in front and you can see my leg as I lead out the pelaton for this section of road...... my besties hubby took the photo while he was on the back... hes one of those smartypants who can ride with no hands.

I also realised tonight that this is my biggest ride that I have ever done, I'm very pleased with my times for today's ride i got 134 cups on today's ride... this is from a website that you can upload your garmin details and it shows the map and your times.... the cups are mostly for personal bests.... we had a great tail wind all the way to Mornington.