Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Baby Quilt

 Shock horror!  I have finished a quilt on time, not just on time but like at least 5 weeks early on time!!
 This one is for a gym friend who is having her second baby, this time its a boy.  I found this lovely quilt panel and decided to pick a few colours and quilt around some of the owls and other bits and pieces.
 I realised when I just uploaded the photos that I hadn't taken any with the threads all sewn in properly.
 Anyway I'm pleased with the way its turned out and whooo (pardon the pun) could resist these little cuties?

 Tonight I have been listening to some music that has brought back wonderful memories of when I used to play in Brass bands and symphonic bands... yes I am a musician although I haven't played my poor neglected French Horn in many years.  Tonight's selection has been the floral dance, one of my favourites when I played in the brass band and now I'm listening to Gustav Holst.  Planet Suite, this is an amazing composition with Jupiter my personal favourite planet.  Do yourself a favour and set aside a little time to listen to this music.