Monday, March 12, 2012

no time to blog

Been a while since I posted.

I'm not on my laptop, so no photos sorry.

I have been busy with various events and lots of training and of course some quilting.

I did the tough bloke challenge last Sunday with my friends and had a blast. We got incredibly muddy and we tackled all the obstacles with a huge smile.

My daughter and I took part in the YMCA swimathon. We raised $320 and we swam over a Km yesterday.

today I did my 2 morning classes and then had a bike ride with one of my friends while my eldest did a judo class.

I'm now in the middle of quilting a quilt I'm trying a different way instead of the usual stipple, this time I'm doing little flowers, I love the thread that I have chosen, its a variegated one with purples..... I promise to post some photos next time