Thursday, October 6, 2016

Around the bay in a day... coming right up.

 Its that time of year!  magpies swooping, daylight savings, ... and Around the bay in a DAY!!

This year we have a new target.  160km. Rosebud and return to Alexandra gardens. Just under a year ago I had my accident which took me off my bike for over 10 weeks.  With help from my friends, a physio and my own rehab at the local pool I was back on my bike for christmas day.

I have been working my way back, increasing my distances.  I did a 150km ride to Lancefield in winter.. man that was chilly.

Sunday is looking rather windy... and unfortunately its not going to be a tailwind home.  80km of resistance training!

I got my jersey, Im part of Tribal cycling team... a ladies group that I have ridden with a few times.  Just got to decide on which socks to rock.

Have been doing some work on the froglets quilt... only a few more long seams to go.