Saturday, February 26, 2011

Visual communications class

The froglet is doing units 1 & 2 of vis comm this year. She had homework over the school holidays and produced the first 3 pieces of work.

The in class they all had to draw their mobile phones... I thought they were supposed to leave them in their lockers!!!

A pear was next on the list.... she is doing pretty good work, considering she hasn't had any lessons in art apart from the usual school ones!

Then there is the licorice all sort with the bite out of it... a little lop sided but still good.

I am led to believe that she is enjoying this class which is good... she has the creative bent from her mother :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

too many things to do

My friend made an awesome picture for me, so I stole it and put it up on my face book profile and thought I would show you all here.

this of course is our special team name which started over a year ago in a boot camp training session.

On Sunday I managed to get some sewing done and have blocks ready to get their sashings and be ready to go to the quilter in the next week or two. Still have to do the binding on the baby quilt (I wont look to the right of me as it is glaring at me right now). Then there is the sister-in-laws quilt that needs to be quilted....hmmm.

no photos I am sorry but will take some when it is light outside.

Work again tomorrow, got some new contact lenses... gosh they are soooooo comfortable!! I thought my old ones were good, these shit all over them! Have to go and have the eye drops on Thursday..yuk Must make a dental appointment (double yuk)

Oh and I finally made appointments for the fisherman and myself to get our tax done.... yes for the LAST financial year.. thought we could do it real late then do our next one early and get a double hit lol!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

back to school

School has now been back for a few weeks.... feels like it anyway!!

I had to do the covering of school books yet again, but only for the froglet who has almost all new books for year 11.

Since being back at school she has been coming home and doing her homework. She has always been a good student and works hard to get good results.

Tonight she came and spoke to the fisherman and myself and said she was thinking about her career.... our ears perked up and we turned to her to find out her new thoughts... a food tech teacher! she announces. hmmmmm this is different, but gives her food for thought (pardon the pun!)

She is doing vis comm and has been doing some great work... I will have to steal her folder and take some photos to show you. She hasn't really had any formal art lessons apart from the school ones but like myself she has a creative eye and can turn her hand to most crafts. I'm not good at all the things I have tried but I do enjoy drawing and hope one day to do some water colour classes.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Tri hard...

The weather was fine, chilly but clear...
We checked the map and walked the course

The finish line loomed in the distance

the water quality was below acceptable to swim in so instead of swimming in the bay we had to do a 500mtr barefoot sprint on the sand.... We hadn't trained for that!!

My friend was going so fast on her bike that she was a blur!

For a change she only saw the back of me!!

I did really well and improved my times from the last tri. I finished in 36.48 and did PB's in both the bike and the run.
This time I came 22nd in my age group and 116th overall out of 225. My partner came 28th and 156th overall, not bad when she had been ill earlier in the week and still wasn't 100%

We were disappointed that we weren't able to do the open water swim but I still really enjoyed the event and I'm looking forward to next season.

We need a new challenge!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

triathlon take 2

OK so the count down begins again for this Sundays Triathlon. This time my poor team partner has been ill all week (I have an advantage moohawhahahahahha) no seriously I do feel bad for my team mate and hope that she is feeling better by Sunday (gotta say that as she might read my blog!!). We haven't done nearly as much training for this event but we have been keeping up the fitness in general so I know we will be fine.

We are going to go down to the beach on Saturday as they are having a registration/pre tri talk thingy so she thought we could take advantage of this and check out transition and where we will be riding and running. I hope that I don't panic and loose my bike rack position and waste valuable time like I did in my last tri. If the weather isn't too bad we might even have a dip in the ocean, if its cold I honestly don't know what we will do on Sunday, freeze I guess!!

I am making my sister in law in London a quilt, its now ready to be quilted by yours truly, (thanks to my friends for helping me baste the other night) I also have a baby quilt for the great niece (EEK I'm going to be a great Aunt!!) this is awaiting its binding to be sewn down.

I also have a quilt to make for my cousins new baby here, my Mum has 'commissioned' me to make all my cousins babies quilts as they have arrived, so another little girl turned up a few months ago. I am using a Moda bake shop recipe but have found the directions a tad confusing so have sat and re written them so that I can understand them. I'm not saying that they aren't well written, just confusing to me! Its a lovely pattern and I will post a picture once its done.

I have however run out of time to quilt this before I leave on our trip to the UK (did I mention this??) So I have employed the services of my lovely friend Anita to do the deed while I am gallivanting across the globe with my family. Then when I return I can pop on the binding and away we go!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

cyclones and triathlons

firstly like many others I am thinking about the cyclone that is about to hit the top part of Australia. All the crazy weather we have been getting in the last few weeks, its madness... mother nature is very pissed off.

Now my team coffee partner and I have signed up for another triathlon, this one is open water..eeeekkkkkk!!! This is when I hate the fact that I wear contact lenses and it worries me that in the washing machine that I will be getting churned around in that someone will whack my goggles off my head and that will stuff me up big time.

Apart from that training is on again, not that we really stopped lol.

School is back on Friday yeeee harrrr!! the noisy one is quite pleased to be going back to see her friends and I think the froglet is rather nervous as she is in year 11 and its no longer a walk in the park. She will be fine as she is a good student and works hard to achieve high standards, she has some new subjects which she isn't sure about but I believe she will do okay.

I have a baby quilt all finished except sewing down the binding and doing a label.... oooh poop forgot about that sucker lol. now to get the other quilt top basted and quilted.... not to mention the other quilt that i need to start.... sigh