Sunday, December 9, 2018

long time no post!

 So been awhile since i last posted. much has happened. here's a snippet.  I got my 25 years at work. Some of the nurses I work with said... gosh I'm not even 25 yet....  gee thanks!
 Mr cookiecat.  Hes still terrorizing little Milly, its amusing watching him stalk her.

 Milly... our Jackahauhau.  The victim in being terrorized.

 Whats a post without some socks and Wasabi?

 Lil was doing some great work earlier in the year, she caught 3 rats.  not just mice, but big whopper rats. one was eaten apart from the head... think she was full after that one.
 I made a quilt for my father in laws wife in the UK.  The mamil took it over with him earlier in the year.

 Oh look at that... another picture of wasabi.... she got some nice new bar tape... so pretty.

 Went on my quilting guilds retreat and did a little hand piecing... this is my current hand piecing take with me project.  Theres some stitchery to do on the blocks but I'm going to do some a bit different as i don't like some of the designs.

 A trip to Perth to see the froglet and of course my grandfur baby.... Bear.  hes the cheekiest most adorable pup.

 No, its not wasabi, its the hired steed for my Perth trip, sweet ride for a few days!

 Bit of shameless plugging.  This tea is bloody amazing stuff!  Roogenics is the brand. Totally Aussie owned and produced here.  It tastes great and theres different flavours and types. Ive been drinking the anti inflammatory and the detox as a mix for the past 4 months and my gut health has improved vastly.  Theres a sleep one, which is lovely and a happiness tea that is great.  Go have a look at their website.  You can get it in most states in health food shops... GoVita stores and  online.  I have bought online and their delivery was very prompt.

My poor mamil, he was rear ended and his car was written off... hes ok, back sore.  Then he got hit 7 weeks after he got his new car pictured above... in the drivers door by a drunk driver. so the car is back from the panel beaters... meanwhile he had a hire car... the neighbour backed into it on our driveway.  That's his 3!  We also got as you can see roof racks... so his car is rather sexy looking... and even more so with wasabi on it!

Christmas is fast looming... I wish you all a safe festive season and a happy new year!