Sunday, September 14, 2014

week of good stuff

 Last week we had the most bizarre weather changes... we had a beautiful weekend, perfect for riding and sitting out in the garden.... then BOOM!  I came home on Tuesday and got soaked on the way to the car and then it hailed! yes this is hail in my front garden.... many areas got heavy hail, fortunately it wasn't bigger than marbles so the damage seemed to be less.
 After my rides I'm often rather hungry..... so good old bacon and eggs with a cup of Irish breakfast tea hits the spot.... I received this lovely mug from a friend for my birthday.
 Poor Milly!  she is in her crocodile suit.... I thought she would go totally ballistic but shes tolerates it better than i thought..... Cookie also got dressed in it... he was very unimpressed.
Ive been doing some sewing for Christmas gifts...... these are scraps left over from other projects.... think they will become mug rugs.

Another stunning weekend weather wise, I managed to ride both mornings and clocked up a very respectful 163km in 2 days.  Very happy with the kms and I also improved many of my times on various hill climbs around Kinglake..... I got to do my favourite descent both days.

Hope you all had wonderful weekends too