Sunday, January 29, 2012

Triathlon pink

Well a year ago my training partner and I embarked on our very first triathlon. We did the mini which was a 200m swim, a 6km ride and a 2km run. I was to be blunt rooted after it lol.

We had trained hard for our event but we didn't realise how hard we would go and in many ways we hadn't trained properly. How ever we enjoyed ourselves and since then we have done 2 other open water triathlons.

Today we returned to MSAC to participate again, this year we decided to go the long course. So 300m swim, 9km ride and a 3km run. I have been really crook this week with a flu bug, but dosed myself up to the eyeballs in cold and flu tablets and other immune helping stuffs.

The swim wasn't too bad, bit like swimming in a washing machine full of legs and arms. The ride was good as long as you knew how to avoid the newbies who wobble all over the road and the run, well that was bloody long! and you avoided the swamp that the nearby sprinklers had made. All in all it was a great event.

So how did I go you ask?? WELL.... I completed it in 46.32 and my buddy in 45.17 coming 42nd overall and 31st overall out of 222 entries. The most exciting thing though, is that I came 1ST in my age group!!! whoooo hoooo. Now that's a win!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy Australia day!!

What did you do on Australia day??

I went for short 24km bike ride with my training partner, this is usually a 42km ride but I haven't been well these past few days with a flu like lurgy, by the time we had done that and had a coffee I must admit I felt like I had done a 100km ride.

I have my possibly last triathlon of the season on Sunday and it will be our biggest one yet. 300m swim, 9km ride and 3km run. All very easy when done by themselves heheheh. The only part that worries me is the final 1km of the run.

Here's another snippet of what I am working on.

I have been told that my pictures might be on the large side and take too long to download... has anyone found this to be so?? I need to figure out how to change the photos... Ive been told picassa..... another thing to figure out *sigh*

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

giant hail and quilts

I bought myself some nice bike shoes to use with the beast. I have been practicing on the bikes in RPM class.... clicking in on the move isn't as easy as it looks!

On Christmas day we had very bizarre weather and the day finished up with a massive rainstorm with hail the size of large golf balls

It shredded my tomatoes that were doing really really well (shattered)

My poor lizard almost drowned!

This was out the front of the house, the hail stacked up against the wall and looked suspiciously like snow.

On a quilty note now.... here is a top I have made for a work colleagues granddaughter... now to baste.

this is the start of the next quilt I have to make for my cousins new baby

after I put it together I realised that I wasn't supposed to actually sew all the same coloured sections together! so a little frog stitching was done.

I selections of the fabrics that I am actually using for this quilt

All chopped up and ready to sew.

I'm now on 2 weeks annual leave whooo hooo! time to sew, exercise and drink coffee with my friends!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

farmers market

Today I met my friend in Ballan (country Victoria) and went to the local farmers market. It was small but some very nice produce at an excellent price. I bought some to die for biscuits... they are like melting moments but chocolate with a coffee centre.. OMG!! the noisy one came with me and chose some chocolate ones that she said were the best!

Of course we went into the quilt shop next door and oohed and ahhed over some of the beautiful quilts displayed.

I also purchased (well my friend bought it) the pattern for Gulliver from ric rac's Jodie. My friend loves crocs and has been asking me for yonks where her Gulliver is.... now I have no excuse!!

These photos actually have nothing to do with my post today.... they were taken at my sister in laws 50th birthday party recently. She had a 50 years and over theme.... she had this stuff all around the room... loved it!

I took some photos but haven't uploaded them yet, but here is some other photos for you all to see!

Here is Milly with her Christmas toy.... she is getting a big girl

Cookie wasn't really impressed with his new hat

Friday, January 6, 2012

Im a winner!

I won a prize today! I'm soooo excited.

Its from skirt sports and its something from their new 2012 collection. I will be the first Australian girl to get something from their range.

I have admired their stuff for sometime but haven't gotten around to purchasing anything yet.... I will let you all know what I receive.

Last night at sewing I actually got some sewing done... a couple more arches of the double wedding ring were completed.

School holidays are stopping me from doing some of my regular things but that's okay as I get to do other stuff with the girls. Today I bought some plastic drawers to put in my walk in wardrobe to try and free up some space and make it all look neater.... not sure if I made it better or worse!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

work to live

not live to work!

I am lucky that I only have to work part time. I enjoy working most of the time.

I now have several days off, and will now become the taxi service for my girls as its school holidays.

I don't mind as it means they are seeing their friends and being social. sometimes it clashes with my training so I have to tweak my schedule so that everyone is happy and that's okay too.

going to get the machine out tomorrow and aim to do some sewing!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

I survived

I survived!!!

what an amazing day. I rode 73km in 4 hours. I killed off 3141kcal.... gotta love that!

I think I drank 6 litres of water.

We left just after 9am from Geelong and set off at a nice steady pace, we had people overtaking us left right and centre.... but we just plodded along at our pace which was around 20-25kph depending on the hills etc.

My poor buddy really felt the heat and was done in about 10-12km from the finish line. We had an angel appear with a jug of iced water from her house that we were sitting outside in the shade that helped us continue on our way... it only took about 20mins and the water was hot.

I phoned her hubby to come and pick us up in the car..... she decided that she felt better and we started to ride again.... got a call from him to ask us where we were.... then we saw him.... on his bike!! omg, I think my buddy wanted to murder him. BUT she finished the ride, we stopped for another break and devoured lemonade icypoles then rolled into the finish line.

It was bloody hot!

the question is would I do it again??? YES I would do it tomorrow! Was a challenging ride without being ridiculous but the temperature.... no I wouldn't ride in 40 degrees if I have a choice.

Thank you to team coffee for participating in this event with me, makes eventing so much more enjoyable with friends

Sunday, January 1, 2012

hot weather on the way

I had the best new years eve with my family and bestest friends.

I hope that you all had a safe and enjoyable new years eve.

Tomorrow is going to be bloody hot, so make sure you all stay inside under your air conditioners or in the pool coated in sunscreen.

Take a moment though to think of my friends and I as we ride 70km through Geelong on Amy's ride. (if you aren't interested in my boot camp side of my blog you can tune out now). The ride has been developed to help stop rider fatalities by promoting rider awareness it also is run in Adelaide and Canberra.

I will let you all know that I haven't melted :)