Sunday, July 24, 2011

cornerstones on the DWR

I posted a while back about my newest project that I have started.

I think I have cut out all the pieces that I need to make my eldest daughter a double wedding ring quilt.

I know that traditionally this is given to your daughter when she gets married, well I'm starting it early as it will probably take me that long to complete, poor girl doesn't even have a boy friend hehehe.

Now I have made a few of the arches and i threw them on the floor to see what they would look like with the cornerstones. I'm still happy with the colour of the 2 cornerstones and don't feel that they are too strong....

I'm going on my guilds retreat in a couple of weeks time and there is a shop along the way that has a large selection of fabrics along the lines that I have used, mainly Robyn Randolph's, so will look and make sure that there isn't something that looks even better than what I have already.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

blood donation time again!

I have been a little slack recently sorry.

Last week in our local newspaper there was an article about a young man who requires a blood transfusion every 3 weeks for a condition he has had since he was 6 months old. He was appealing to everyone to go and donate blood this month.

It turns out that we actually know him through swimming and my daughter, the froglet is due to give blood.

She has created an event on face book and invited all her friends to go with her and donate blood, she has had a good response and I hope that they do go through with this and donate.

I personally are unable to give blood any more due to living in the UK and I could have mad cows disease, this totally frustrates me as I have O neg blood which is the universal donors blood. (think I said this last time I blogged about blood donating).

Anyway I know another lovely blogger who also needs blood regularly so please, please, please go and give blood... I will come and hold your hand if you are scared... it really doesn't hurt... you actually get a buzz from giving such a precious gift. The froglet couldn't stop smiling after she did her first donation and said that she felt a bit funny... I was worried for a moment and asked her if she needed to lie down and she said "no mum, I feel good funny, like I have done something really special" tears welled up in my eyes.....

Friday, July 8, 2011

girls will be boys....

Oh dear!!

turns out that our little cookie isn't a girl, shes a he! The first vet needs to go back to sexing kitten school, the vet who gave cookie h i s shots tonight I think was a little bemused.

The up side is that it will cost us less when its time to desex him! and 2 people have told me that males are better than females.

This explains why cookie loves to come into bed in the morning and snuggle into my neck!!

He is adorable kitten regardless of his sex, the breeder has now since admitted that she had her doubts about the vets diagnosis! (bit late lady!)

The noisy one whose kitten it is, I think is in a bit of shock and says once he has been desexed it doesn't matter LOL.... just need to think of cookie as a boy now, thank goodness we didn't call him princess and give him a complex for life!

On my fitness side of life, this week has been full on training... one of my friends has been doing personal training with me in their garage for the last 2 Monday evenings. His aim in life is to make me vomit... due to working out really hard (of course!) He hasn't achieved that yet, but I am quietly confident that he may achieve this in the next couple of weeks (not that I will tell him this!)

So with that and then dragging me out of bed at 530am I have only done 6 hours of fitness classes in the past 5 days. Today I took the noisy one to the gym as they are having for school holidays BYO child free to certain sessions. Today was RPM.... (stationery bike riding) poor thing felt quite ill by track 3 and I thought she was going to hurl her breakfast, BUT she battled on and didn't give in totally. I was very proud of her and so happy she came. She didn't like me sweating on her though heheheheheh.

My team coffee partner has found another event that we can do... this one if for epilepsy and involves riding around sandown motor course which is a 3.1km course with 13 turns. We get to ride for 6 hours!!! the idea is to ride as far as you can in this time. sounds like a challenge to me!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

cookie has a visitor!

School holidays have descended upon us down under and the noisy one is raiding the cupboard and fridge as she does at this time of year! The froglet is trying to look like cookie in the above photo!

My friend Jennifer came over with her eldest daughter and they took home with them cookies little sister whom they called Zoe. Oh my she is a pretty little thing! I had a text message from her this morning telling me that Zoe had managed to hide in behind some cupboards overnight so her hubby was busy making sure that all the holes were covered up.
her colouring is very different from cookies and she is a little bit smaller. I hope that Zoe settles into her new home soon.

Our little cookie has well and truly settled into our home and hearts and the fisherman was sprung playing with her on his hands and knees.

Today I did some work on the double wedding ring, I have grouped each arch together and counted how many more bits I need to cut out, I'm quite pleased with myself as my maths isn't my best subject and I don't have to cut many more out.