Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Odd socks and birthdays

So I recently celebrated a bit of a mile stone.  I turned 50!  EEEKKK... funny thing is I still feel like I'm in my 20's  I guess I act like it too sometimes.

So I had a quiet day, had lunch with some friends and family and then had another small dinner with some family and friends at a new local Vietnamese place which was really good.

I went for a cheeky ride the other day, the sun was out so I didn't put long legs on.... was able to wear my new velosocks.

 I received some lovely gifts.... here is my new teapot and cup.... I sat outside with the beasties and enjoyed a cuppa.

 The fisherman/mamil bought me some new wheels.  For the non cyclists out there.. these ARE the bomb!   I'm really happy with them and he did a great job to surprise me.

my quilting buddies surprised me even more, they had bought me a gift voucher from my local bike shop.  Then the shop had a sale!  I scored big time with shoes, sunnies and new knicks.
Some of you have figured out that I often can be seen with odd socks on.  The noisy one bought a heap of new nail polish.. I couldn't decide on a colour!And finally from the vegie patch... a MASSIVE cauliflower, modelled here by the froglet!