Saturday, June 23, 2012

hand piecing

 Today I managed to squeeze in a pump class before I had to take the froglet to work.  Then the fisherman and I had a very late breakfast at a local Deganis.
 This arvo I managed to sit and defrost for a few hours (we sat outside to eat as someone has a bad habit that isn't allowed indoors).  While I sat, I sewed some melons onto a middle.
 I'm happy the way the DDW is coming together.... if I keep this up I will have to think seriously about how I am going to quilt it!
 Here is a pic of some lovely chooky fabric my friend Melody bought for me recently, I have a stash of chooky fabrics but this one would be great for applique..... I have an idea in mind......
The very first quilt that I totally hand pieced was from a quilters companion magazine, called a country sampler.  Now some samplers look really nasty if you know what I mean.  But this one caught my eye and I straightaway thought of my chooky fabrics.

I have finished piecing it and in fact I have been hand quilting it for some time but its been folded up and in the "to do pile" for too long...... The weather is perfect for hand quilting and perhaps its time to finish it up. 

Maybe I might even enter it in the next quilt show our guild has!

Friday, June 22, 2012

baby quilts

 I was recently lucky enough to win a charm pack at my guilds sewing day for a door prize.  As soon as I opened up my prize and saw what I had won, I knew exactly who I was going to be the recipient.
 My mum often ropes me in to making her quilts to give to cousins and people she knows who are having babies.  I don't mind making these quilts as I enjoy sewing, but I must admit I don't like deadlines and often put off finishing the quilts till the last minute.
 I have made the top and have the batting and backing ready and I have about 4 weeks until the baby is due.
The weather here has been rather beastly, perfect for sitting inside and sewing up a storm.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

paintballs hurt

whom ever said that paint balls don't hurt has never played the game.

I went out with a group today and played me some games and had some real fun.  But of course one has o pay a price.

Mine was my knuckles (the one place i was told not to get hit as it hurts the most).  my left upper arm and my right upper buttock copped it the worst.

I also inflicted similar pain upon various other bodies, one was a referee.... poor bloke was yelling at me to stop, i was so excited that I had found such a great victim I didn't realise it wasn't a player!

Here is a picture of the froglet and myself having a great day out.... nothing like a little mother/daughter bonding session LOL.

I did a little hand piecing this afternoon while watching the girls doing BJJ training, it didnt hurt so much, was more uncomfortable trying to bend my fingers.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I am alive

Sorry for being adrift... life gets like that sometimes!

Ive been busy working, doing taxi runs to judo and BJJ, swimming and other events that the girls need to get to.

I have been trying to get some sewing done and I cut out a baby quilt that needs to be done in about 6 weeks.  I have done a heap of hand stitching and got some arch's done for the froglets double wedding ring.

the weather is really cold and has been incredibly wet so will get some photos soon... hmmmm think someone has stolen my simcard from my camera!

Milly had her girly operation last week, but is feeling much better now. she was rather whiney and clingy for a few days but tonight she has been growling and yapping at the cat so I think she is on the road to recovery!

photos soon, promise