Friday, July 22, 2016

holiday time

 I have been sewing.... here's another splendid block.  I'm hoping that I might actually do abit more sewing and maybe take some photos and post a few things here in the next 3 weeks as I am on annual leave YAY!
 Last Saturday the fisherman/mamil did an epic ride.... he rode 200km  yes you read correctly he did 200km.  It took him a very respectable 10.5hrs of riding time.. he rode up to Yea and then back down through Broadford and back home.  I'm very proud of his achievements as a cyclist, we are now both working our way forward to our next big rides later in the year for around the bay in a day.  He is going to do the 250km and I'm doing the 160km to Rosebud and return.
Here's my newest socks from Italy!  the Froglet brought them home for me. We are going up to Brisvegas in a few weeks to set up the apartment for when her soldier boy returns home in a few weeks time.

The noisy one is on her first placement in aged care, she seems to be enjoying doing 'nursing' rather than reading about it.

I'm also about to join the 50 club!  eekkkkk.