Sunday, October 14, 2012

royal melbourne show

 I haven't been to the show in over 10 years. So this time it was the noisy ones turn to see what all the hoo har is all about... we caught the train in.
 we saw some interesting animals... the chickens were nice and fluffy.
 was great to see the hounds running with the horses.
 of course no show is complete without the baby animals... it was packed in there, thank goodness it was a no pram area... there was loads of prams outside parked... worse than the car park!
 we went to check out the craft pavilion and I was so disappointed.  I remember when the show was 'the' event of the year to enter... there would be row after row of crafts... but alas it seems no more.
 The amount of quilts entered was very small but they were of very good quality.
 I was then extremely disappointed to find that some quilts were displayed over the top of each other, like HELLO?? I tell you what, if my quilt was displayed like this I would have hit the roof and demanded it to be hung correctly and by itself.  In fact I can say I was quite disgusted to see this.
 I saw my friend Viv, show her gorgeous cavalier, Dexter... he didn't win this section but he worked very well and looked very smart, Viv also scrubbed up very nicely!
 Do you remember the cupie dolls??!!  I was going to buy one but one look from my 14year old stopped me cold in my tracks.
 There was a pet pavilion, filled with... pets!!  dogs, cats, bunnies.... I think we spent an hour with the kitties.. this little sweetie is a Devon Rex, she is only  months old and has the BIGGEST green eyes.  I don't have to convince the noisy one to get one any more lol.
 Afghan hounds!  They are beautiful dogs... when they were being shown it was outside and the breeze made their coats ripple, I'm sure their owners hated the wind but I thought it looked great.
The rides are getting bigger and scarier...I'm lucky that the noisy one doesn't like them either!  And the cost!  I would have had to sell my first born to afford them!

We didn't get any show bags either as the queue to get into that pavilion was a mile long, no jokes it would have taken us over 30mins to get in to buy one Bertie beetle bag... that was all I wanted... so I didn't get any!

Would I go again?  not for another 10 years heheheh.  It was good to go, but I wont be rushing back soon.