Friday, May 4, 2018

won a prize!

 So I won a fabulous prize from the wonderful jodie of ricrac!
 I need to make something now!
 lots of detours in my life locally! All temporary and will eventually give us better roads to drive and ride on safely.
 Its Autumn now... soon the leg warmers will be pulled out from my drawers... Im wearing arm warmers and my vest has been out a few times now... long gloves will be making their appearance soon too.
 My hubby bought me a new phone as I was driving him nuts with my old phone not working properly.  The camera alone on this is superb.  I had a little photo shoot with this little poser.

I find myself on solo rides more often of late but I still stop for a coffee and to sit and reflect on my mornings adventure.  I hope all of your adventures are successful and fun.  Tomorrow Im off down along beach road where its pretty flat in comparison to my local rides... this one wont be a solo ride so im sure it will be full of laughs and of course coffee.


Christine M said...

Nice win Libby. I was lucky enough to win one of Jodies prizes a little while ago. Enjoy your ride.

Chookyblue...... said...

Lucky you winning as prize from Jodie........
Good to hear you are still riding... .. Love my phone camera..... Part of the reason I choose the phone to......

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