Monday, February 1, 2010

Schools back!

So many of us have waved goodbye to our children this morning going off to school. Some have started their very first day in primary school.

The noisy one started high school today and was very quiet this morning while she got ready... which every morning could run so smoothly! She had a fun day she informed me,

The froglet started in the senior campus in year 10 and was very excited. She came home very happy with her teachers and looking forward to the year ahead, I also found out that her year 12 subject she is doing this year will probably cost me over $600 eeekkk. Oh well, I will have to make sure she earns her keep and cook the occasional meal. She has a chicken dish she has made several times and its rather nice!

I went back to the gym and was dragged into a step combo class... seriously I was dragged out of the locker room, I had intended on doing an easy session in the gym just to get back into it... but nooooo.

I ended up enjoying myself, even though I am really unco ordinated on the step, at least I amused my fellow gym buddies.

The obligatory coffee afterwards and caught up with the goss. Back tomorrow to do some weights in the gym and then a danzika class.... will tell you about that one tomorrow!!