Thursday, November 26, 2015

swimming and winning

 so the noisy one swam on Sunday at the diamond creek meet... she came 3rd in all of her individual events and got two 2nds and a 3rd in her relays.  got PB's in all her events too.  was a good day out.
 I made the froglets boyfriend a laundry bag as he is going overseas early next year... this is just a little peek.
Today I joint the 3rd row of the double wedding ring together.... took photos but the camera seems to have shit itself.....   actually I have had one of those days of things shitting themselves, but that's another story

Monday, November 16, 2015

four weeks on.....

 So this is going to be the nearest I get to riding my bike for a few more weeks..... sigh.
 I'm improving but Ive decided that when I take steps without my crutches I waddle rather like a cross between a pregnant woman and someone who has had a hip replacement! It also is much more painful to walk without my trusty crutches so waddling is being kept to a minimum!
 Here is a shot of my leg though.... a great improvement since I first came off the bike, I have been using the bio oil every day and I believe this has greatly helped minimise the scarring.
 So here I shall remain for another 4 weeks with cookie...
and Lil the fat cat.....   I'm allowed to start my hydrotherapy this week though, so I'm pretty happy about that!  stay tuned for how I go on that.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

baby steps

 I had my visit from the physio.  She doesn't want me using the frame any more so bye bye frame! Hello crutches!  
Milly was quite exhausted by all the comings and goings!
 She was on my lap getting bellie rubs, so I took her photo... I think she looks rather cute this way.
 I'm taking a little break from the DWR piecing and picked up a stitchery that I had prepared some time ago.
 Rather than red work I have chosen a nice variegated blue thread for something different.  I bought this pattern from the quilt show, as soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it.

Monday, November 9, 2015

3 weeks and my constant companion

 Here is Miss Milly.  she has become my little shadow for the past 3 weeks.
 Shes been loving the breakfast on the veranda, which has extended into lunch and arvo tea when the weather has been perfect.
 Cookie has also loved his outdoor time and has been sitting on the chair like lord muck.

 When I have been sitting indoors Milly takes up residence on top of the chair.. from here she can see outside and watch me on the couch.
 So I have been continuing to work on the double wedding ring... my frame became a good spot to drape my first completed row.
 Today I didn't have any visitors so I sewed the first row to the second row!!!

Amazing to see how quickly it is coming together.  I have been really good and decided that I wouldn't turn my laptop on during the day.  This has proved to be a good plan as I have utilised my down time well.

Speaking of down time.... I have a physiotherapist coming to see me on Wednesday.  I hope that she will be able to give me some exercises and help me take my first steps without my other constant companion... the frame!

Friday, October 30, 2015

day 12

 So today I did a bit of work on the double wedding ring.
 As you can see I have labelled each partial ring, which was done with a little help from my friend (hmm reminds me of a song!!)
 I got 3 more rings connected.... its not taking that long.
Still a bit stiff and using the frame to get around with, but hoping that I can upgrade to either crutches or a stick next week!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

UFO done!

 I have been blessed with some really really good friends.  I have had visitors come to see me, feed me, take me to the shops and I received some lovely get well cards and gifts.  Thank you so much it has kept me sane and helped keep my spirits high.
 Cookie has really enjoyed the mornings out on the back veranda with me while I have sat and sewn... I wish I could twist into the odd positions he gets into.
 My war wounds are healing nicely, the scabs are all falling off... I use bio oil which has helped, I shall keep on applying this to my nice new pink skin and hope that my scars aren't too bad.
 TADA!  the little stitchery is finished!  After many many years of sitting in a bag I finally finished it.  now to start on the bigger quilt, I also have the DWR to work on.
Our weeping Calistamon is coming out in flowers.. the last few days all I can hear is the hum of the bees and the squawking and beak clacking of the honey eaters that love to eat the nectar out of the flowers.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

more sewing

 So now the box that had my double wedding ring pieces is now empty!  I have now finished all the melons and today my friend came over and helped me lay out the pieces and make sure it was balanced.
 We then labelled rows and pinned pieces together so I can pick up each section and piece them together without fear of having an unbalanced quilt.  Thank you so much for the help and lunch!
I did some more work on the little stitchery.... I took this before I did even more... tomorrow I shall finish the stitchery!  stay tuned......