Monday, February 22, 2010

My weekend

I spent my weekend with family and friends. Saturday afternoon I was able to escape the former and spend some time with my quilting friends at our monthly guild meeting. The show and tell was enormous and my friend Jennifer who is our blog master is dreading putting all the photos onto the site. (I don't blame her!).

Sunday the fisherman escaped and went and did a casting competition with his 'fishy' friends. They don't catch fish at these things, they just cast out weights and see who can go the further est. the girls and I went down the the Latrobe uni market together and wandered around the stalls. The froglet rather likes danish pastries and there was a seller with them and other tasty treats, the noisy one had a sugary chocolate donut and I had the best ever Portuguese custard tart.... heaven.

We came home and I watched 3 movies!! Yes I sat here on the couch like a huge vegie and sewed too!!. Watched Marie and Maria.... enjoyed that one (has blogging in it lol) and then have you heard about the Masons? crap... utter crap. Then the last one was the bride wars... now that was fun. I'm just about to go and watch The lake house with keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock... two actors (actress) that I like so hopefully I will enjoy this movie too.

The pictures that I posted today are close ups of a couple of the postcards I got on Friday at the enviro day thingy.... got some more, but my movie is waiting for me!

Oh I would just like you all to look at Curly Pops blog as she talks about a subject that is I believe is important. I am a donor already and so is my family, even the froglet who is only 15 understands the importance of donating organs.
I wish I could still donate blood and go on the bone marrow list but as I lived in the UK during the mad cow time I am at this time unable to do so. The froglet expressed her desire to start to donate blood, I think she will have to wait till she turns 16 and I will be very proud to give permission for her to do so.


Claire - Matching Pegs said...

I quite enjoyed the Lake House.

I used to donate blood, but it flares up my carpel tunnel so badly that I can't. We have often talked around the dinner table about being an organ donor - the whole Matching Pegs Household is on board.

I hate his idea (because I love him so) but Mr Matching Pegs wants to leave his entire body to science. I hope it is not my problem to worry about, ever.

CurlyPops said...

Thanks so much for the link Libby. I wonder when they will ever remove the blood donor ban. I also receive an infusion of blood products every three weeks so I am extremely grateful for everyone who takes the time and energy to donate blood or plasma too.

Christine M said...

They don't want my blood either as I was living in the UK at Mad Cow Disease time too!

Libster said...

I have O neg blood too and they need that one the most :(
my grandparents left their bodies to science, not something I would do but Im more than happy for others to live on from something I wont need anymore. The fisherman wont let our eyes be used though. Dont think they would want my shitty eyes anyway lol.

Frogdancer said...

I have always meant to get around to donating blood but so far it hasn't happened. I've also never thought about donating my body to science, but at least I AM on the organ doners registry....

(Really must get off my backside and do something about the blood thing...)