Wednesday, February 17, 2010

road trip!

Today a couple of my friends and I went on a little road trip! As I had done extra at the gym yesterday I allowed myself to miss my pump class this morning so that we could head for the hills and have time to browse without rushing too much.

Our first port of call was to Mrs Martins quilt shop in Monbulk I can highly recommend a trip to this shop! Karen made us a very welcome cup of coffee and a lovely lady to chat with. Go and have a look at her blog (click on the link I made to her blog)...aren't I clever heheheheh! But better yet go and visit her at her shop I will definitely make a return trip there.
Monbulk is also holding their community quilt show and it is going to be on March 13th with all the proceeds going to the Monbulk CFA (very worthy cause to support!) I bought some raffle tickets for the very nice quilt, I never win raffles so I doubt I have the winning tickets! So go and buy some as you are still in with a chance haha.

Lots and lots of nice patterns and the shop is full of samples and great gifty items.

We then started back down the hill as I spotted another quilt shop in Tecoma which is foothills fabric and threads

Another very nice quilt shop that was different to to Mrs Martins so make sure you allow yourself time to visit both these shops. The foothills also had lots of samples I love seeing the quilts in the flesh, I cant believe the stitching that Leanne does OMG! (that's oh my goodness to those who don't read initials lol)I'm also now showing off with my ability to do links hheheheh. Teeny tiny miniature daisy chains and minuscule running stitches... I wish I could sew such beautiful and tiny even stitches.... I'm just too impatient I think *sigh*

Jennifer bought some of those really yummy variegated threads that are becoming very popular.... After seeing them today I think I will invest in some in the near future. I also bought a couple of Melly and me patterns, some nice civil war fabrics and I also found a very nice skirt that was half price!!
We could have visited another couple of shops but due to us having children that needed to be picked up from school we had to by pass them (might have saved a plastic melt down!)

Lots of craft markets to visit in the coming weeks and months, bloggers to meet, crafts to buy! I go back to work next week so that will help me pay for all these lovely goodies.
I also apologise to those who cant comment on my blog, I have ticked all the boxes and made it so that anyone can comment but still there is problems...anyone else with a clue??


Margaret @ Konstant Kaos said...

Mrs Martin's quilt shop sounds absolutely delightful! I should definitely plan a trip out there

QueenB said...

Yep Libby you have done it! I can leave a comment at last. I would like to explore these shows too the lastest leanne beasley looks very interesting, but would be better close up. Thanks for posting photos as incentive.