Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day Five of six

Phew one more day to go! It hasn't been that bad at work but I have had some crappy coffee in the last 5 days. I have gone to at least 4 different coffee places and today was probably the best yet (maybe my taste buds are dying?) mind you they still stuffed up my order and only gave me a small instead of the giant caffeine overload sized one that I had ordered. I am sooo looking forward to having a decent coffee at my favourite coffee shop with my gym buddies of course!

Speaking of the gym, I managed to get to the gym on Friday night and did a boxing class, my usual day time partner was there which was awesome as he knows not to punch me too hard, but he doesn't give me an easy workout. On Saturday and indeed today I still am feeling the effects of the class, unusual as we didn't really do anything that stood out (perhaps I'm wrong?)

Today the winter Olympics finish, I have enjoyed watching all the bumps and crashes as well as the amazing wins by these super athletes. I am though looking forward to the next survivor series... hero's and villains!! Bring it on!

Another road trip has been planned with my road trip buddies, I will take lots of photos to post and will try not to spend too much money, I am quite happy of course to help Maddy and Jennifer spend their hard earned cash.... think I might see if there is some of those nice threads that Jennifer bought on our last road trip. Gosh Wednesdays are fast becoming our road trip days! joy, bliss, rapture.

Will return you to normal viewing with photos this week.

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