Friday, February 19, 2010

environmental day

Today the froglet and the noisy one went into the city with their environmental group from school. I decided to join them on their journey and see what the froglet has been doing for the past 3 years with the team and check it all out. The noisy one has joined the team as she has heard about all the great things they have done from her big sister.

We started in Federation square with the opening speeches from all the grand poobars telling us what the postcard above says!

there was all sorts of stalls and items dotted around Fed square and then you descended the stairs towards the Yarra River to find even more stalls.

There was a few food stalls.... organic fruit and veg delivered to your door (free plum to taste!) CERES had another stall with an apple to try, some ladies products, stuff for your house ie: solar panels.

The food section was more alternative style, there was the hare Krishna's with a very yummy smell coming from their area (no music though, rather disappointed to not hear their cymbals). There was veggie burgers, polenta chips, tofu and veg stir fry, and a flat bread with cheese and spinach which we had. Timboon ice cream was there!! awesome... we love their ice cream and had Turkish delight, lemon gelati and a chocolate ice cream.

The enviro group had a performance/activity at 1pm and their subject was FROGS!!! we played frog bingo... you match the frog noise to the frog picture, drawing frogs, the food chain and best one was the frog dance!

I was rather taken with these little pink guys.

there was free postcards and some were really cool (like the first one I posted hehehe).
Now although there wasn't craft stalls as such there was free trade stalls with some rather nice products, I had to really stop myself from going over the top and only bought the one bag. The other bits were freebies....don't you love freebies!

I rather like the cup... it is supposed to be the right size for coffee machines and the same size as a small takeaway cup it has a lid so you wont spill it. it has a band around its waist that you can colour in to show what you like to drink and how you have it, to save you talking to the actual people making your coffee...hmmmm not sure about that part lol.
I got a bit of sun as it was a rather hot 31 degrees, but thank you very much to the nice volunteer who was giving out large handfuls of sunscreen so I didn't fry completely.
The day out was lovely, I spent some time with my daughters, their friends and a couple of teachers. I watched them teaching other students about frogs and I learnt more about what I can do to help save the world from ourselves.

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