Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Tonight I went to my gym while the froglet swam in squads (she could barely walk afterwards!!). I did an RPM class (bike riding) Now I do at least one of these classes a week, if not 2 and I have NEVER sweated like I did tonight, I was going to take a photo of my sweaty Tshirt but I thought it might really gross you all out too much heheheheh.

I'm just about to take my weary body off to bed, I did an hour in the gym this morning plus another hour in danzika class.... yes I know I'm mad. I am going to be doing around the bay with one of the girls from the gym. I'm not doing the BIG one, we will leave that to her hubby and his mates... there is a smaller version, I think its either 40 or 50kms.... that will really knock the stuffing out of me! Its not till much later in the year but I will have to start training sooner rather than later.

Tomorrow I am off with a couple of girls to check out Mrs Martins quilt shop in Monbulk, I have been watching her blog for sometime now and will be updating my favourite blogs soon. Hope that we will find a nice place for coffee...mmmmmm

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