Saturday, February 6, 2010

to market, to market....

I haven't posted all week as I have been busy settling back into the school routine. Both the froglet and the noisy one had a good first week and seem happy to go for a second week!

I have been watching lots of blogs in the last 9 or so months and have been wanting to go to the markets to see their goodies and of course purchase some of these wonderful items. Today I finally was able to get to the northside makers market in Northcote with the froglet. She hasn't been to a market in a long time and she really enjoyed browsing the stalls and conning me into buying her a few things (isn't that what us mums are for?!). I was delighted to meet the crafters in person and their items are even better in the flesh so to speak.
The froglet fell in love with this item that we bought from mecino

her words were "its so prettyful!" I have to agree and was content to admire the other delightful pieces of jewellery (until the next market mhaw hahahah)

We then bought her best friend a birthday present from Konstant Kaos

We had a hard time deciding which things to buy as there was such a lot of wonderful things. I was in market overload and wanted to buy everything I looked at. Go and look at northside makers and you will see all the goodies and find out when this great market is on... you wont regret it. (your bank manager might have words with you though hehehehe).

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Margaret @ Konstant Kaos said...

Hey! I am glad that your daughter loved the things from Konstant Kaos! The skull love print is my most popular print.