Friday, February 12, 2010

This is my mad Doberman. (this photo has the look of those twisted whiskers!) No honestly she really is mad, my father in law calls her the idiot as she chases flies on the back verandah and if you don't pay her any attention she will start to make growly noises and then will bark. She bangs her bowl when its dinner time (6pm) and if we are late with dinner she really chucks a razz. She is O.C.D. and eats chunks out of her blanket like a giant moth which she drags around the house to sit on where ever we are. I buy her blankets from the op shops as they end up looking like enormous Swiss cheese slices and I end up picking up bits of blanket everywhere.

Everything is nice and fresh since the rain yesterday. I hope that no one got flooded out, the footage on the news in the city was amazing with people wadding up to their knees... I hope no one had their designer shoes on!

Thank goodness its the weekend, I actually woke up feeling less than perfect with sneezes and a runny nose and I just had a Nana nap here on the couch which has slightly refreshed me. No swimming for me tonight and at this stage I doubt I will swim in the morning while the noisy one does squad training.

Lots of markets on this weekend... spoilt for choice! Farmers market nearby at the brand junction, another craft market in Thornbury and one in Brunswick. Sunday is the market down at Latrobe University so depending on the weather and my health I'm hoping to go to at least one of these.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend where ever you are spending it.

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