Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New shoes

I bought some new trainers yesterday... have to sell my first born to pay them off heheheh. I expect them to turn me into a super athlete!! (I wish!).
I have been going to the gym every morning for the last 2 weeks and doing at least one class and sometimes a bit extra. Yesterday was an extra day, started with a lovely walk outside with one of my friends, a bit of weights and then Danzika (Latin dance based) class with Carlos.... he is from Columbia and has an accent that we all love *wink* then last night rather than doing a RPM (bike riding)class I decided it was too hot so I swam instead while the froglet did squad training in the next lane.

Today I visited one of my gym junkie buddies who has had her girly bits removed. I'm glad to see she is home and doing well, and was rather excited to think at the moment I am fitter that her for a change lol. Two other girls visited her also and between us I think we gave her stitches a workout!

Weather here is really bizarre, hot, steamy, wet, cool change..... good old fashion Melbourne weather.

Bring it on!!


Frogdancer said...

Wasn't the weather hideous? I was glad that I was in air conditioning for most of the day.

Libster said...

And now we get the rain!!! did you see the news with that poor little old lady soaked to the skin!