Wednesday, March 3, 2010

road trip 2!

Today the girls and I embarked on another road trip... such fun!

today we decided to invade the other side of town and went down to Mentone. Our first stop of the day was primative patches

You enter a small slice of patchwork heaven and dive in at the deep end!

I really dont know how long we were there but we managed to do a bit of damage to the bank accounts heheheheh. I kept on finding fabrics that I knew Jennifer would love but she was strong (most of the time) and deflected my attempts to empty her purse.

The next stop was to Carmels warehouse.... Anita said it was just like project runway! I agreed with her and thought we should have run in there screaming make it work!! That show is the bomb!
We also managed to go into Carmels actual shop in Mentone.

This was I think my find of the day. the froglets best friend is goth (babybat for those in the know) I saw this epic spider fabric and knew I had to buy it for her. I also bought some black satin backed crepe... both these were in the remenants bin so a total bargin!
I bought it home and showed the froglet who was delighted, but when I told her that her friend could sew up a skirt, she told me she is "crap at sewing mum" Looks like I might have to have a sewing day with the girls. Sewing clothes is my least favourite sewing thing but if push comes to shove... I will have to wait until Friday morning to present my finds to the babybat, I can hardly wait!!

funky owls for the froglet... yes yes I know its not frogs but she likes owls too and we have a cunning plan for a bag.... stay tuned for that saga!

The noisy one likes cats and the froglet made herself a frog quilt some time ago and now the noisy one wants the same quilt but with cats. Im slowly collecting cat fabrics for the hexagons and some century we will make it together.

Of course I bought a few other bits and pieces and then we had a very nice lunch at truely scrumptious Anita had a yummy looking (and tasting) vegetarian foccacia melt, Madeline and I had the B.E.L.T. bacon, egg, lettuce and tomato on a very light roll and Jennifer had the breakfast in a roll... All looked and tasted very good. The coffee was pretty good too (better than the crap I had last week!).

Tonight I did a danzika class with the girls as I missed my gym session this morning to partake in the road trip.


Quilts on Bastings said...

What a fabulous day - I must get out to Mentone again.

Chookyblue...... said...

looks like a fun time...........I like the first shop........

also you comment as no reply you can change it in your profile........

Libster said...

yes the first shop was lovely, would go there again for sure. i looked at my profile and cant see where to change my comment, i thought it was set up as reply or what ever.... dang blogspot