Friday, January 8, 2010

Welcome to my blog

G'day everyone,

Here goes my first ever post on my new blog. I have been reading blogs for sometime now and thought perhaps I will give this a go.

Let me introduce myself.

Where did I get the name for my blog? those who know me know I am abit of a gym junkie and have done a few bootcamp style challenges in the past year. Im also a quilter thus the name :)

I have a husband whom I will call the fisherman (not that he has caught much recently lol)
2 daughters.... the noisy one is the youngest and the froglet is my eldest.

Cooking is something else I enjoy doing and am exploring the world of gluten free. This is a huge thing and until you start to look at what you are eating you dont realise how much gluten is out there!!

I belong to a quilt guild and have a terrific group of girls that I hang out with, we are all different but this is great as we can all help each other with ideas and skills. We go on retreat each year and have lots of fun, eat great food (anything i dont cook is great).

I could go on and on here but I need to find out how to add photos and other things so that you have something pretty to look at


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