Tuesday, January 26, 2010

jelly rolls

Here is one of the mangled jelly rolls I got to make a quilt for my cousins new baby girl. The range is oh cherry oh. fresh and pretty!
note to self *don't wear dark clothes when handling jelly rolls*
(I should mention to my non quilting friends who read my blog that jelly rolls aren't the edible kind, they are rolls of fabric pre-cut into 2 1/2" strips)The noisy one even knows the lingo now

This is the chez moi boutique range. A particular favourite of my friend Claire. I am going to make a quilt for my mum, she dropped a very unsubtle hint that she was due for a new quilt. I have made lots of wall hangings and cushions and things for her, but I guess she due for a new quilt.

I had trouble with the pattern to start with as it uses a jelly roll which is 2 1/2" but this pattern said to cut off 1/4"!!! bloody Nora. Well after going into patchwork melt down I talked to friends and another quilter emailed me a suggestion which I used on a tester block. I then made 12 blocks this afternoon!

I didn't quite get away without a little frog stitching, but I did use this rather cool looking quick unpick that I bought myself a while ago. After unpicking another block I decided that I should give up for the night and sit down and eat some chocolate! I only ate a couple of pieces of the creme brulee chocolate. The froglet devoured an entire block of black Forrest chocolate!


Claire - Matching Pegs said...

Frog stitching?

Your initial Cherry - O Blocks looks lovely - looking forward to seeing the yummy Chez Moi ones!

Libster said...

rippit rippit rippit....

Linda said...

Love your unsewer.....where did you get it? Good luck with your other blocks.