Sunday, January 10, 2010

Shopping for shoes

Last nights dinner wasnt the most healthiest but eh! I have to have a slack night sometimes!!

Today I took the froglet and the noisy one to buy school shoes, it was looking like it was becoming an epic and very painful trip with further journeys to other shopping centres looming in the future but all of a sudden we found the right shoes. Ended up with identical shoes AND the same size!! More school uniforms to buy later next week.

My friends from the gym saved me from a caffienne deficiency, (thanks girls!) we partook of several cappachinos with a very interesting conversation about colonic irregation! (thanks Caroline). hehehheheh


Frogdancer said...

Love that quilt photo above your profile. Now I want to try it... after just saying in my last post about how triangles are so scary too....

Libster said...

thanks frogdancer, I make my half square triangles a little bit bigger than I need then I trim them to size using the middle line on a square ruler. There is actually a specific ruler for this that a friend gave me... I will have to look for the name and do a post on it!