Tuesday, January 12, 2010


This is my favourite television program. The family and I sit down each tuesday night to see who is going to be voted off... then I go to work and Leo and I discuss the tactics and who we would have voted off and who we think deserves to win. This series is in Samoa and Russell is the evil one! he is really good!

OMG yet another blind side has occurred!! AND they have announced the next series which will be villians vs heroes. Hot debates are happening all around me about who is going to be in which camp... if you were in the villians camp who would you trust hmmm??!!

do you have a favourite tv program?


CurlyPops said...

Welcome to blogland Libster. I'm addicted to Survivor Samoa as well - I'm loving all the sneaky things that Russell gets up to.
I;m really looking forward to the next series - Heroes vs Villians!

Kay said...

I am rivetted by "Ghosthunters" and "Ghosthunters International" on SyFy (Science Fiction) Channel. I don't believe in them (have my own theory), but it's interesting how they debunk reports on the paranormal.
I just got into watching "Biggest Loser" and every year we say we are not going to get sucked into watching "American Idol" and yet we do.

Frogdancer said...

Tom1 got the last 5 episodes from Samoa on a usb, so on Sunday night we sat down and saw the whole lot in one hit, (including the reunion show.) Keep watching.... it's a great series this time!