Saturday, January 16, 2010

bit of sewing

I have been busy with school holidays and made the fisherman a little bag for one of his fishing reels. I had this fabric sitting just waiting for the perfect project for him and when he asked for a bag...well how perfect was that!

Uniforms have been bought for the girls so just have to pick up books and we are set for the new school year.

Block number 7 is finished and Im now working on number 8.

I had coffee with two of my friends yesterday and last night the swim club started back so I joined in the training session and swam laps with them (I think I startled some of the kids!) LOL.

I also finished making the quilt top from scraps that were sitting around waiting to be flung together.... no one in particular for this quilt at this stage (another UFO!) but at least I have a spare topper if I need to whip up a quilt for someone in a hurry.

Another warm day looming, washing out on the line, airconditioner running gently in the background. Laptop on with time to check my favorite blogs and sit and sew.


Linda said...

The quilt top looks fabulous.......I'm sure that there would be someone who would love to own it!
Cheers Linda :)

Kay said...

I can think of "someone" who would enjoy this top, completed as a quilt however. lol

And no, I don't mean Maura! ;o)