Wednesday, January 27, 2010


This is the little 1/4" strippy bits that I had to trim off all the strips. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be so my mum is still going to have a quilt made from the same pattern, although hers will be the full size.

I finished the top but still had to fudge it a bit as I didn't take into account the fact it would be different due to me not making the quilt to its finished size. I'm happy with it... and I doubt the baby will complain!

I hung it on my washing line with the scrappy boarders (don't look at my weeds!).

A lot of people went back to work today, all the teachers are back organising themselves for the new school year (and mentally steadying themselves too no doubt!). The froglet is looking forward to going into year 10 but her best friend is really stressing and hates school before she has even started. The noisy one is in year 7 this year and is very excited about starting high school. I hope they have some great teachers like the ones that have blogs that I enjoy reading.

Have you got little ones starting school for the first time or bigger ones going into high school?

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